Friday, September 22, 2006

Bush and bin Laden's Shared Political Goals Are Enough To Freak Out Anybody

by A. Alexander, September 20th, 2006

Okay, now I'm freaked out. Look, nobody is suggesting the President of the United States and bin Laden trade phone calls, emails, and wish to be friends but it is beginning to become clear that each, for their own reasons, share similar political goals and agendas. Politically they need one another.

The al Qaeda leader, bin Laden, is a lot things but stupid isn't one of them. During the 2004 Presidential campaign, bin Laden displayed a skillful knack for releasing tapes just when the Bush campaign appeared to need them most. He is well aware of his dark prince-like rock star status here in the United States. Bin Laden knows the press will never pass up an opportunity to garner market share by exploiting anything he says or in which he plays the lead role. If he releases an audio or video tape, he gets airtime just like the President.

The President has been in a world of political hurt throughout 2006. In a fruitless attempt to try and push up his slumping approval ratings, George W. Bush has embarked upon a number of campaign-like tours across the country. Somewhere in the midst of each of these campaigns, bin Laden has been certain to release either an audio or video tape.

Recently a poll found that approximately 40% of the American people believe there is more to 9/11 than the Bush administration has been conceding. Whether it is based in reality or born out of an extreme distrust of the administration, having people questioning the responsibility for 9/11 isn't helpful to the President, Republican election chances or, for that matter, bin Laden's "terror mastermind" street cred.

If the American people are beginning to openly question the entire 9/11 story, that circumstance would serve to undermine the entire Rove 2006 campaign strategy. Can't scare the daylights out of people over terrorism, if they think the President might have somehow been involved in either knowing about and doing nothing to stop the attacks, or if they distrust Republicans enough in general to question their sincerity. And bin Laden certainly doesn't want people wondering if he really was the guy behind the devastating attacks. Such conditions undermine that entire "Islamic Jihad Warrior" persona that he's been so careful to cultivate.

Generally speaking bin Laden needs the President and Republicans running America, because they are good for the terror recruitment business. They, as no other organization has or can, have played quite wonderfully into bin Laden's hands. The al Qaeda leader, long before 9/11, said the United States' only objective regarding the Middle East was to control their natural resources. The moment George W. Bush gave the order to invade Iraq, home to the world's second largest oil reserves, even moderate members of the Islamic faith said, "Hmmm...Binnie Boy is a nut-job, but he sure had that one pegged!" And every moderate leaning toward fanaticism said, "That's it for me! I'm all in on the Jihad movement!"

Ever since 9/11, the President and Republicans have been devising ways to snoop on U.S. citizens, imprison -- without trial -- citizen and non-citizen alike, constructing and running secret prisons and, sadly, engaging in torture. These reactions to 9/11 have served two more goals espoused by bin Laden: First, to drive a wedge between the American people and second, to isolate the United States from the rest of the world...especially our historical allies. Bizarre as it may seem, bin Laden couldn't have himself written the script any better. Whether the American people can admit it or not, the President and Republicans have been good for bin Laden. And as everyone knows now, bin Laden, politically speaking, has been very good for George W. Bush and his Party. So good in fact, that Karl Rove has engineered three straight election strategies around the specter of bin Laden.

All that finally brings me to the thing that has suddenly freaked me out: Very soon after that poll was released that showed so many Americans beginning to question the official story surrounding 9/11 and, too, just as the President began his big push toward altering the Geneva Conventions, bin Laden released a video showing the rituals and interviews of those who carried out the attacks on 9/11.

They may not be pals, but the President and bin Laden certainly do share common political goals and objectives, and that is enough to freak anybody out!


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