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On Mike Ruppert

Mike Ruppert is famous for his research involving the events of September 11, 2001. For about three years, I considered him to be our de facto leader, that is the leader of the 9-11 truth movement, if in fact there ever was one. However, I was never one to just blindly accept ANYONE's reality as gospel, no matter how "proven" such a person was in their field. I am an amateur investigator and like any amateur investigator, I am capable of coming up with useful tidbits.

Well, for a couple of years, I came up with a few which I fully intend to publish at this blog as soon as I again have access to the research. It is no longer in my hands. A majority of it was stored at what is now a crippled site and to make a long story short, no longer hosts it. As well, Indymedia, at Ruppert's insistence, has removed all instances of my research where it could be found and it was not a matter of memory storage space. It was all gone in a matter of a few days so that much of the research that I had stored at Memes was itself crippled, as it relied on information archived at Indymedia. It is, to this day, the only case I know of in which Indymedia, or someone there, deliberately censored someone. I know it was Ruppert because he threatened to have it done and then.... it was.

What was my sin? I came up with alternative theories to explain the perpetration of the events of September 11, 2001. For the longest time, I just knew that if Ruppert gave it any thorough looking at that he would be liable to connect dots that he was in a position to connect, with what I thought of at the time as a superior knowledge base. This never happened. Instead I was attacked and I don't mean merely ridiculed; I was told I was to cease even making such claims on any list he was a part of and miraculously, several people spoke out loudly and quickly, I might add, to tell me to lay off Ruppert. I was astounded. I never made single attack or stated a single thing on any list that Ruppert was a part of that was libelous by the remotest stretch, either legally or morally. However, Mike DID set about with a barrage of accusations, all of which were not able to be documented for a single reason: none of them were true. Most of his accusations were that I had made accusations which felt a bit like a trip down the rabbit hole, if you know what I mean. I challenged him to produce one email or post or item on the web or otherwise to support that I had made a single accusation but by this time, I was beginning to feel that, perhaps, some accusations were in order; and I made some.

In retrospect, this was probably exactly what Ruppert wanted from me. When someone happens upon a debate, it becomes very difficult to discern who started what when someone like myself is finally seen to be making such accusations: that Mike is a disinformation artist and an agent provocateur and, now, who is to say when exactly I STARTED to say such things. Believe me when I say that I spent a good deal of time swallowing my own worldview in order to come to this conclusion but it makes it a bit easier, I suppose, when one is the target of his lunacy. To this day, only a handful that are probably loathe to speak up were witness to the facts of what I say and, as such, readers are forced to compare the reputations of someone like myself and Ruppert in order to evaluate where to stand on said issue and this is where, in most minds, I probably lose. Neat strategy, Mike.

At any rate, I was encouraged when I found Victor Thorn's piece, which I reproduce below. I actually found it a couple of years ago and talked with him about doing show or at least corresponding with the possibility in mind and we did for a bit. However, very soon thereafter, ninety percent of the research that had taken me three years to compile was gone from the net, as I have explained and very soon thereafter, I entered a two year hiatus wherein I read very little news and did absolutely no activism; I felt defeated.

Why didn't I have it stored securely? Well, at the time, you see, I was homeless. For years I operated almost entirely from public libraries across the nation, covering geographical territory that could be seen as astounding considering that I also never owned a vehicle during this period (1997-2004). I lived in national forests around our nation and did what I could. I had noticed that my position as someone that had all kinds of time was what allowed me to achieve the level of analysis of news events that I had so I continued in this manner for a long time.

Below, you will see that Victor Thorn experienced very much what I did and I can only suspect that he entered into a relationship with the best of intentions, as had I, only to be targetted.

I hear that Ruppert recently left the country, in the middle of the night, and that it was publicized, else how would I know (if it is, indeed, true). I consider it an act of drama and nothing more. Enough from me. Here is the piece (it's a damn shame I had to rely on the 'testimony' of such right wingers to support my 'claims' - am I the only lefty he ever targetted?):

Mike Ruppert Unmasked
by Victor Thorn - October 1, 2004

On this date – Friday, August 6, 2004 – the world was the same as it was any other day – filled with allegations, suspicions, criticism and threatening lawsuits. Even crazy old Dick Eastman entered the fray. Yes, this was the world of Mike Ruppert – king of the conspiratologists, perpetual center of attention, and legend in his own mind.

So, I figured: it’s time to figure out what makes Mike Ruppert tick – to see what he’s all about. Sure, I already knew the basics --- LAPD cop quits the force, enters a mental institution, chases some crazy broad around the country, struggles through tough times, turns whistleblower, confronts CIA Director John Deutsch in South Central L.A., begins From the Wilderness, and releases his Truth and Lies of 9-11 on video.

But there had to be more, especially when the Internet was buzzing with so many rumors about Ruppert – the whispers developing into deafening echoes. From my perspective, there were only two courses of action. I could either unquestioningly buy into all the gossip, or investigate this matter for myself.

Mind you, I had never spoken directly to Mike Ruppert, nor had I ever even corresponded with him via e-mail. The only “contact” I ever had with Ruppert was via a review that I had written about his 9-11 video, which later appeared in my book, The New World Order Exposed.

All this changed on Friday, August 6, 2004 when I noticed that Ruppert was threatening to sue 9-11 researcher Dick Eastman. (I can’t remember exactly what this lawsuit entailed, but I’m pretty sure it revolved around an argument they were having about whether or not a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11.) Anyway, my first thought was: how many people has Mike Ruppert threatened to bring lawsuits against now? But then an even better idea popped into my mind: why don’t I invite Ruppert and Eastman onto WING TV and get both sides of the story.

So, without further delay, I reeled off an e-mail to Ruppert inviting him to appear on WING TV. In addition, I also addressed some of the innuendo and outright accusations surrounding him:

“We have been receiving tons of e-mail in the past few months that are seriously calling into question your validity and honesty as a 9-11 researcher. Some of the claims being made are that you are a PATRIOT FOR HIRE (in other words, just in it for the money), and that you have sold out (i.e. a cop on the take). Finally, others are saying that you are deliberately covering up what actually happened on 9-11 by steering people away from it toward peak oil. These things are definitely not going unnoticed, and we would like your take on these matters.”

Before proceeding any further, I would like to make a few things perfectly clear. First, this was a private e-mail from me to Mike Ruppert, and was not posted in any other forums. In fact, I have never criticized Mr. Ruppert on any Internet group or in any discussion rooms. Thus, my note remained solely between him and me.

Well, about two hours later, right before Lisa Guliani and I were about to eat supper, the phone rang. I answered it, only to hear Mike Ruppert on the other end. After introducing himself in a very surly fashion, Ruppert growled that he was RECORDING this conversation for legal reasons; and that if I didn’t cease-and-desist in my threats and slander toward him, he would proceed to take immediate legal action! Yup, you guessed it – my name was now added to an already lengthy list of people Mike Ruppert was threatening to sue.

Anyway, after listening to Ruppert rant, rave, and swear about Dick Eastman and how sick he was of people questioning his motives, I assured him that I didn’t even remotely slander or threaten him. Rather, I repeated some of the charges being leveled against him; then invited him onto our show to address these issues. That, I explained, was what responsible reporters and journalists do instead of simply shooting from the hip like a cowboy. I even went on to say that it would be real easy for us to appear on WING TV and repeat these rumors, but such tactics would be unfair to him; thus, the invitation.

Well, after somewhat calming Ruppert down (twenty minutes later), I asked him once again if he would like to appear on our show; to which he responded that I would have to contact his representative, Ken Levine. I agreed to do so, and after hanging up the telephone, I commented to Lisa, “That’s the angriest and most paranoid man I’ve ever spoken to.” This ended chapter one of my interaction with Mike Ruppert.

Shortly thereafter I turned on my computer to find an e-mail from Ruppert where he once again threatened to sue me:

“I sent out the following statement to Eastman yesterday. If you or he represent my position in any other way than what I say here, you can rest assured that legal action will follow, and quickly.”

[As a sidebar, I have never spoken directly to Mr. Dick Eastman in my life, and have e-mailed him less than half-a-dozen times. Thus, any implied relation is non-existent.]

Ruppert then went on to explain his views on the 9-11 terrorist attacks, specifically where he stood in regard to what hit (or did not hit) the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. He only did so, though, after telling me, “This is addressed on my website, if you are intelligent enough to find it.” I mention this point because, as you will see later in this essay, it is indicative of Mike Ruppert’s modus operandi where he feels compelled to take nasty, abusive pot-shots at those who he views as detractors.

Anyway, for the next three weeks I periodically spoke with Mr. Ken Levine and tried to schedule Ruppert for WING TV. The results, though, were less than optimal, for Levine kept “fluffing me off” and running hot-and-cold with me. Even after hearing how we were booking the hottest names in the 9-11 field (including Dave von Kleist, John Kaminski, George Humphrey, Eric Hufschmid, Phil Jayhan, Jim Hoffman, Michael Elliott and Ian Barksdale), along with numerous presidential candidates, Levine wouldn’t commit; instead telling me he’d keep working on it. (This point is important to remember, as you’ll soon see.)

Finally, on August 31, 2004, I decided to go directly to the source once again, and thus sent the following e-mail to Mike Ruppert:



Victor Thorn here from WING TV ( I spoke with you on August 6, 2004 about appearing on our television show (via telephone), and you referred me to Ken Levine.

Over the past 2-3 weeks I have been trying very diligently to set-up a date for you to speak about your new book, but thus far have not been able to get a commitment from Mr. Levine.

This is puzzling to me, because without trying to sound boastful, we have the hottest TV show on the Internet (bar none), and have been interviewing everyone who’s anyone in the alternative research field, including Jim Marrs and David Ray Griffin; along with seven different presidential candidates and a variety of other heavy-hitters.

In addition, there is not an organization in existence that wants to uncover the truth about what really happened on the morning of 9-11 more than we do, along with uncovering other examples of government dirty-dealings, such as CIA drug trafficking, etc.

In other words, we have a custom-made audience that would be very receptive to Crossing the Rubicon: 9/11 and the Decline of American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. On top of that, I devoted an entire chapter of my book The New World Order Exposed (now in its eleventh printing) to your videotape, The Truth and Lies of 9/11. I would also like to distribute your new book from our WING TV bookstore, and also plan on reviewing it as soon as it is released. (Needless to say, I would welcome a pre-release copy to create some advanced publicity.)

So, what I’m doing is coming directly to you to say: let’s set-up a date for you to appear on WING TV. We’ll give you a huge number of viewers all across the ‘Net, and will promote this appearance to the hilt. Considering the explosive nature of what you’ll be presenting in your book, many people from both inside and outside the 9-11 truth movement will be gunning for you. What we are offering you is a fair shake with maximum coverage and no bullshit.

As I told you earlier this month during our telephone conversation, we’re not cowboys or bomb-throwers. Rather, we play it straight and want only one thing – to expose the truth.

With all of this in mind, Mike, let’s arrive at a date for you to appear on our show. I realize you’re busy, but all we’re asking for is 20-25 minutes of your time on the telephone. That’s it. Surely within the next month or so you can arrange that. Whether intentionally or not, Ken has been giving me the run-around – fluctuating between hot and cold – and in all honesty we haven’t had this much trouble EVER getting a guest! So I’ll lay it all out to you straight: you pick the time and date (Friday, October 1 would be ideal), and we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate you. All we’re asking for is 20-25 minutes – that’s it.

To close, we plan on doing a Mike Ruppert show in late September/early October, and we would very much like you to be a part of it. Considering all the benefits outlined in this letter, we don’t know how a sweeter deal could land in your lap. WE’LL SELL BOOKS FOR YOU AND GET THE WORD OUT!!!

Mike, those in the alternative research field (not the mainstream media) have been your core supporters for years, and WING TV stands at the forefront of this audience. Please keep this in mind as your book goes to press and you start booking interview dates. We’re on your side, and we’ll do anything we can to help. Work with us, okay.

Victor Thorn
Sisyphus Press


Ruppert’s response on Wednesday, September 1, 2004 was truly bewildering. He began his e-mail by stating: “We have tried to be polite. It didn’t work.” Well, actually, Mike, you weren’t polite in the least, as I have shown. Levine was, but on two different occasions you threatened to sue me. That’s polite?

Ruppert continued in the e-mail’s second line: “I will not now or ever be on your television show. There will be no discussion.” Again, more of Mike’s politeness.

He then goes on to say: “The reason is that you are an extremely careless researcher. Your book contains a number of errors which could have caused me and my business harm. I evaluated your book almost a year ago and decided then that I would never have any association with you.”

Ruppert then proceeds to list all of the “errors” in my book, but not before once again trying to bully me with this completely absurd threat: “Please cease and desist all attempts to contact either me or Ken Levine. If you do not respect this request then I may ask you to reimburse us for all the trouble you have caused with your errors.”

Take a moment now to think about the totally unfounded and, in all honesty, irrational nature of this statement. Ruppert wants to “charge” me for trying to schedule him for our show – to pay his personnel costs! It’s ludicrous.

The situation gets even worse, for one of the supposed first “errors” that he cites in The New World Order Exposed is this passage: “Mike Ruppert begins his Truth and Lies of 9-11 videotape by offering a $1,000 cash reward to anyone that can disprove the information contained within this presentation. To date, the money still stands.”

I checked this quote, and that is indeed what I wrote. But Ruppert continues, “Problem number 1: the offer was only for information contained in the “Oh Lucy” timeline and never for the entire tape. Problem number 2: the offer expired more than a year ago. (It has now been expired for more than two years, yet there are still people calling our office based on your book, making unfounded misrepresentations of my offer. Your book has cost my staff about 60 man-hours over two years. I pay the salary for that.)

The stupendous inanity of this statement is so mind-boggling (and, quite frankly, embarrassing to Ruppert) that I don’t know where to begin. First, Ruppert prides himself on being an “accurate reporter.” How did he figure the 60 man-hours? Does he have a formula? Did he actually sit down and calculate over a two-year period exactly how many phone calls he received, then trace them directly to my book? How can we take this guy seriously? Secondly, he says the offer expired more than a year ago, then immediately – in the very next sentence – says it expired more than two years ago. Which one is it? Is this accurate reporting? It almost sounds as if Ruppert has a standard form-letter which he sends out to people whenever this issue arises. (More on Ruppert’s “form letters” later.)

Thirdly, The New World Order Exposed has only been in print for 1 ½ years, and if anyone does a quick Google search, they’ll find numerous sources quoting his $1,000 reward offer (more inaccuracies). I would love to take credit for having such an influential book, but once more Mike is being overly dramatic and disingenuous. Plus, here we see Mike Ruppert yet again bellyaching about paying his employees and trying to place the burden on someone else.

Continuing his criticism of The New World Order Exposed, Ruppert points out a GLARING error where I say that “six of the first seven CIA Directors came from Wall Street,” when in fact it should be six of the first seven DEPUTY Directors. Is it because of this oversight that he wouldn’t appear on our television show? Plus, Ruppert also found one misspelled word in my book - one, in a 567 page tome. Well, I hate to inform Mr. Ruppert, but when I read the transcript of his speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, I certainly found more than one typo. So, if we used Ruppert’s rationale, his entire speech should thus be discredited. I hope everyone can see how ridiculous these tactics are.

But none of the above examples truly reflect Ruppert’s pettiness, obfuscation, and true motives more so than does the following: Mike Ruppert said that the reason he wouldn’t appear on WING TV is because I am a careless researcher, and The New World Order Exposed is filled with errors. But let’s look at the reality of this matter. First, this book is now in its eleventh small press run, and has sold this well with an advertising budget of zero dollars. That means people have found out about it via the ultimate form of advertising: word of mouth. In addition, The New World Order Exposed is being distributed by First Amendment Books in Washington, D.C., along with Adventures Unlimited in Illinois – two of the most respected booksellers in the business. It has also been reviewed in nearly twenty venues, including The American Free Press, the highly-respected Midwest Book Review, Black Diamond Books, and nationally distributed Clamor magazine (not to mention blurbs and endorsements from Jim Marrs (Rule by Secrecy), Gordon Thomas (Seeds of Fire), Michael Collins Piper (Final Judgment), Paul Walker (Aftermath News), Meria Heller, and Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Marvin (Expendable Elite)). Lastly, the Japanese publisher, Tokuma Shoten, purchased the rights to The New World Order Exposed, and will release a translated version later this year.

Now, please understand; I’m not mentioning all these points to blow my own horn. Instead, I want to ask the reader one very important question --- can all of the above people be wrong about this book, or is Mike Ruppert simply copping-out and searching in vain for a scapegoat? Ironically, the answer can be found directly from Mike’s own From the Wilderness website, for shortly after my review of Ruppert’s 9-11 video appeared in such respected publications as Bank Index and others, I was contacted by HIS people and congratulated for doing such a superb job. Now, keep in mind – I didn’t contact them – they contacted me. Plus, they were so pleased with this review – the same one that Mike Ruppert is now criticizing – that they actually gave me a free one-year subscription to his From the Wilderness newsletter. Does it sound like they would do something like that for a sub-standard, error-prone review? Hardly. The thing I’m most curious about is: how did these glowing accolades which emanated from FTW itself suddenly turn so negative and bitter? Do you think it had anything to do with Mike Ruppert needing an excuse not to appear on WING TV?

As I’ve come to learn, though, these types of tactics (and his behavior in general) are typical of, and fit part-and-parcel with, Mike Ruppert’s standard operating procedure. But before moving on to show you more of what I mean, I would like to bring one more point to bear. After receiving the above-quoted e-mail from Ruppert, I spoke once again with Ken Levine, who revealed to me a very interesting bit of information. He said that when Mike Ruppert sat down to decide which interview forums he would like to participate in after Crossing the Rubicon was released, he also created a list of shows he refused to do. And guess what show Mr. Levine said was on that list: WING TV! Now, considering that I had never spoken to Ruppert until last month, how conciliatory I was to him in my lengthy e-mail, and how I even gave his 9-11 video a glowing review; I wonder how he came to put me on his J. Edgar Hoover-like “black list.”

The big question now is: if Mike Ruppert won’t appear on WING TV, what types of shows and/or interviews is he going to do? Ponder this point very carefully, for his decisions are quite telling. If his first speech is any indicator (at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, frequented by the very ruling elite that he is supposedly rebelling against), I think we should all wonder where Mike Ruppert’s loyalties really lie.


Before anyone jumps to conclusions and proclaims that I’m the only person who harbors the above-mentioned misgivings about Mike Ruppert, what I will proceed to show in this section is that Ruppert’s irrational behavior, questionable decision-making process, and his abusive modus operandi have been written about by many others in the alternative research field. As you will see, the preponderance of evidence is so overwhelming that all of us have to seriously consider whether we want this man to be our “self-appointed” spokesman, for at what point does one’s negatives begin to outweigh their positive strides.

One of the most repellent traits that Mike Ruppert exhibits is the way he lashes out at people who criticize his work. As you saw in part one of this article, Ruppert took a swipe at me at every turn, and seems to be especially prone to such behavior whenever anyone is perceived to be a threat, or in opposition to his views. What results is an ugly display of arrogance and supposed mental superiority toward his detractors that ends up making him look foolish at best, and downright asinine at worst. What follows is just one example of these “flames,” but believe me, many more exist on various discussion groups and forums on the Internet.

Response to Jerry Russell’s article: Peak Oil? Don’t Buy Into the Hype! – Posted on “Listen, let’s take the passive-aggressive gloves off here you asshole.” [Very classy, huh. I wonder what former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and all of Mike’s petro-buddies would think of this intellectual retort?]

View the rest here.


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