Thursday, September 28, 2006

Who the hell is this 'Agent Smiley' guy any way?

Since June 1, 1997 I have been an activist of sorts, both on the web and in the field. June 1, 1997 marked my introduction to the nonlethal form of coercion called teargas. That is a long story so I will save it.

By late 1998, I would be starting my first mailing lists, via the web, and it was my first headlong venture into the cybersphere and I have returned to it repeatedly over the years, taking breaks that would last from a month to two years at a time. That is where IN THE FIELD comes in.

Much of the time that I undertook to carry my view of the world into the public arena of the world wide web, I was houseless and for a portion of THAT time I was, as well, homeless. You, the reader, would do well to understand that during MOST of that time, despite whatever you may assume about "the average homeless person," I was extremely active with all of my energy and time in attempting to bring about a new world, one relationship at a time. I was an anarchist but I was also taugth by healers so my approach was, I'd link to think, both radical and compassionate.

From that time until the middle of 2004, I remained houseless, plugging in to various work-exchange situations from intentional communities to rainbow gatherings to organic farms. It was in the process of this that I attained my fire, my strategies, and my attitude toward activism.

You see, if you don't spend a good deal of time taking it to the streets then you will, eventually cease to know what you are talking about, both politically and otherwise. It just happens. There's no way of getting around it. Sometimes, in walking the walk, one's own talk becomes much easier to evaluate, at least accurately. Sometimes, it even gets to where talking won't do at all.

Today, I operate with housing and a home. This became absolutely necessary in order that I find refuge from three years of harrassment. Living outside makes one more vulnerable and not only to physical threat but to routines of destabilization such as psychological operations (COINTELPRO style). This stuff came at me for a variety of reasons but for the most part they are detailed here, here, here, here, and here. Unfortunately, much of the supporting material that is hyperlinked to there is no longer online but I do intend to retrieve that material some day and hopefully soon!

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For some neat info on Mike Ruppert, click here and here.


At September 28, 2006 6:32 PM, Blogger Eric Stewart said...

I have been back about two weeks, after a two year absence from the cybersphere and suddenly, I find myself in inane arguments. I also find my blog severely hampered, suddenly, at least when attempting to post to it, this within two days of being picked up by a well known website online. As well, more than one person has written me and asked why they have problems with their webmails only when trying to reach ME. I started having problems with my online webmail accounts, or one of them, as soon as I started to mail certain people about certain topics. Recently, I spent three or four hours attempting to blog the same item (I have DSL), something that should have taken less than five minutes if a minute. I kept at it. There were signs that this was not a prog that had been attached to me or my server, that there was a human making decisions, as has occurred in my well documented past. When it became clear that I would not cease, the power went out in the whole building, an apartment complex. I had done my saving; I am sorry to inform whoever that there was no loss of information there...file:'s that simple sometimes.


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