Sunday, October 22, 2006

American Patriot Friends Network (APFN)

Who are they?

I have, for years, seen much material disseminated and picked up by APFN. At first I was a little apprehensive because of their use of the word patriot, because of the fact that most I have known that have used that word to describe themselves were pretty hung up on nationalism, guns, and whiteness.

Over the years, my opinion began to change and this had to do with the fact that they picked up some of my journalism and hosted it and this made me think, "They might be alright." Recently, however, someone on a mailing list that I belong to painted them with a brush of white power and I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by the mention of the name David Duke in conjunction with an email campaign that APFN seemed to be a part of. So, instead of jumping the gun in either direction, instead of leaping to conclusions about them or about the person that asserted that there was a strong element of racism to their outfit, I emailed them. I told them the situation and that the email was going out to a variety of people and that any answer to the charges levelled against them would be posted to exactly the same forums and individuals. I had special, personal concern over the fact that they host some of my material.

The first response was that readers needed to spend weeks poring over the gigs and gigs of materials that they hosted and find out for themselves. Their second response was an attachment of 500K of HTML, presumably that I and others might peruse it and make up our own minds. I was beginning to wonder, at this point, because I thought the charge serious enough to warrant a statement from these "patriots."

Then I got a third email asking which Eric Stewart I was. This I thought odd as they had hosted my materials for YEARS. I referred them to this blog, thinking it would prompt some memory. The response I got was, "So what is your problem?" It was becoming very obvious that they were avoiding answering the question. I could only surmise that they were afraid of making a statement because of an apprehension of alienating some sort of constituency.

What I didn't know was that they were buying time, time enough to go through my blog and take snips out of context, in hopes of portraying ME as the racist. I for one, have made my stance abundantly clear: that Zionists and Nazis and others do a fine job of making the average Jewish person look bad and feel afraid to walk the streets, as some of my friends have been in recent years. APFN could have answered the question and I assure readers that it was worded with the greatest care and respect; after all, they had going for them that they had hosted materials of mine that few others would.

I can only guess, now, how legitimage research of mine and others' has been used to validate certain ideas and paradigms, even hate.

I have answered the race question and now it is time for APFN to do the same. Now, however, they have other questions to answer, such as why they would attack me and deliberately mislead others about me for merely asking them to take a minute or two to give a defense of their work that I would, in turn, pass on to others. In my ignorance, I was trying to do them a favor.

APFN, if you thought to punish me for asking, or if you think you can undo my reputation with this slander, you are sadly mistaken. What will remain blatantly clear to readers is that I am not the one ducking questions. I also challenge anyone to present where I have ever snipped any comments from this "network" and used them out of context, deliberately or not. It has never occurred.

No, APFN, readers are going to make up their own minds and in the end, this may be your undoing.


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