Saturday, October 21, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Hitler had the right idea."

Schwarzenegger's father campaigned for Kurt Waldheim.

The man on the left is Warren Buffet who is neatly tied to the events of September 11, 2001 via Mitre Corporation, Ptech, and of course, his actions on 9/11 (according to Christopher Bollyn, this IS the Israeli connection). The man on the right is Jacob Rothschild, famed banker of alleged Zionazi ancestry. Still think you know what is going on? So did I, last week. I must suggest that you do your own research regarding this because it would be dangerous for me to just spell it out for you, in many ways. It would be too easy to discredit poor, lonely me but if you do the research yourself, then when you arrive at the truth as I did, you will find it much harder to discredit hundreds if not thousands of years of documentable history.

Ask yourself this: what is an Asheknazi? When you answer that, ask yourself why you have never heard that term.

Hint (snipped from an old essay of mine): Gray Davis got California OFF the Texas power companies and onto one based in the Northwestern U.S. He did this in response to the Bush cartel's fast one that later became known as the California Energy Crisis or Scandal, another dirty spot on the sleeve of Enron's reputation. DURING this time, the power broker of the year for that year, Kenneth Lay, was meeting with a man that recently became known as GOVERNOR Schwarzenneger, a man whose chief campaign advisor was one Warren Buffet. Combined with Arnold's business past with key Saudi investors/princes that are implicated in most independent research of 9/11, this gives a rather different context with which to see things, don't you agree?


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