Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Boeing's Phantom Works, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's), and 9/11

"Boeing is probably best known for making commercial jet airplanes, but 40% its annual revenue is generated from the sale of military aircraft, missiles, lasers, guidance systems, and the like. The company's Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) was such a big hit in Afghanistan that it can hardly keep up with orders from the Air Force and Navy. Also, through its Phantom Works division, Boeing has become the industry leader in the development of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs) such as the extremely cool X-45, which will be a lucrative line of business in the age of robotic warfare." [SOURCE]

" the title suggests, I like to think of the Phantom Works as a place where dreams really do take flight.

Last month, Boeing showed off one of those dreams when it introduced the 'Bird of Prey,' a top-secret technology demonstrator. It is named for the fictional Klingon starship from 'Star Trek,' but this Bird of Prey has actually flown: a reported 38 times, as a matter of fact.

The Phantom Works team developed the Bird of Prey as a 'stealth' aircraft. That would seem to be nothing new, however, unlike the F-117 and B-2, Boeing engineers incorporated design breakthroughs that could have allowed the Bird of Prey to be deployed during the daytime. The F-117's and B-2's stealth technologies are most effective at night. In addition to its radical shape and eye-fooling paint tricks, the Bird of Prey has innovations like flexible covers for the control surfaces. These eliminate gaps that can be detected by radar." [SOURCE]

Why follow a 9/11 lead provided by GW?

Global Hawk, Artificial Intelligence, Boeing, DARPA, and September 11

ANOTHER Mitre Corp/9-11 Investigative Journalist BEING TARGETTED

The National Reconaissance Office sent up a satellite on September 8, 2001 and three days later it operated nicely while helping to facilitate the "wargames" that the military was engaged in on 9/11 and all the while we get reports from the U.K.'s online Space News Feed from their weekly edition on the 16th that satellite communications were down all over the planet. I guess the NRO's new baby was somehow immune, OR IT HELPED TO CAUSE IT!

"The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, New York and the Pentagon have shocked and horrified us all. The attacks also caused disruption for satellite and space companies across the USA.",

Trivia question: WHO was it that was conducting the war games and where was it happening? Did you say USSPACECOM, otherwise known as NORAD? So close!

Who said USSTRATCOM?!? That's right it happened out of Offut Air Force Base! NORAD wasn't involved except for the complicit silence of a few senior officers. It was stood DOWN, remember?

Trivia question: WHO was at Offut AFB that base with a small handful of CEO's from the World Trade Center? That's right! It was Warren Buffet.

WHO did Mitre Corporation (specializing in real time battle command and unmanned aerial vehicles - remote piloting) used to brag having as an investor? Warren Buffet.

WHO was known to be in tight with with a Massachusettes firm called Ptech? Mitre Corporation, that's who. Mitre Corp., as a matter of fact, is the spawn of Lincoln Laboratories at MIT, in Massachusettes.

A charity owned by the CIA-employed actor we call Osama, had as a client, Ptech.

And these ARE actors. They work together getting away with crap right in front of us because modern day spooks don't so much hide behind bushes as they hind behind taboos, playing out a drama scripted at the Council on Foreign Relations designed to shaft us and pit us against each other at the same time and by EACH OTHER I mean HUMANS (reinforcement of the existence of racial tension with disinformation designed to keep people apart).

Mike Ruppert and Michael Kane on Ptech

Christopher Bollyn on the Ptech/Mitre Corp. Connection

Operation Two Towers

Falls Church, VA and 9/11

Damning Evidence of Warren Buffet Role

Recently I discovered that one of NASA's shuttles just happened to be in space at the time of the "attacks":

People have asked that if the moving GIF above is not a fake, why was the unidentified object not captured by any other camera? I would suggest that the angle, accompanied by a variety of other factors that would be more obvious to those deep in stealth technologies, was just right. We got lucky. For more on this see: Adaptive Camouflage: A Not-So-New Twist on Stealth Technologies

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) has taken an interest in Boeing's Bird of Prey. I wonder why. Here is their coverage of this unmanned drone.


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