Monday, October 30, 2006

Brad Will's Last Moments

Brad Will is an Indymedia reporter who was in Oaxaca covering the teacher's strike. At the beginning of this weekend, it seems, he was doing a bit of filming and took a bullet in the chest over it. What we hear from the video is a whole array of shots that ring out once the cameran, Brad, is down. I call that eliminating the witnesses. Nevertheless, you can look the murderers in the eyes, Mexican public officials, by clicking here. Very quickly, someone grabs the camera and moves it out of view into a corner somewhere when, unfortunately, we lose any view. A lot of bouncing and so forth to be dealt with and the fact that this is, in its own way, graphic though not visually explicit. After all, I am sure he wasn't worried about filming his pain. He was probably too busy trying to deal with it. It's real. In memory of Brad Will, let's bring the killers to justice! Some people are having an electronic sit in, though this will never even come close to taking the place of sitting in front of an embassy with fifty of your friends.

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Indymedia Journalist Covering Oaxaca Resistance Murdered

29 Oct 2006: Helicopters are flying over the city, also a gray airplane. A call for all the people to take it to the streets!

29 Oct 2006: The PFP are moving forward! People have reported that over 1500 are in the streets now.

29 Oct 2006: 12:10 pm (Mexico Time) - The people in Oaxaca are going to the streets and carring posters, images of the people killed, religious images in a peaceful demonstration. A march has been called for 2pm, Mexico time.

29 Oct 2006: 12:00 pm (Mexico time) The PFP is moving forward throught the traffic in Santiaguito. The people are going to the barricades and they will resist in a PEACEFUL way. But there are reports of infiltrated people and they can start a provocation when the PFP invade.

29 Oct 2006: 11:52 am (Mexico time) - There have been a report of a white truck without a license with four men on the top shooting at the people - probably a paramilitary action. The last inform is that people have surrounded the truck.

29 Oct 2006: 10:47 am (Mexico time) - Corona: 8 to 10 tanks are ready in Corona, with police in two lines: one with shields and sticks and one in the back with federal police carring weapons. People are leaving their houses with flowers and religious images.

29 Oct 2006: 7:17 am (Mexico time) - The Preventive Federal Police, with 10 buses and 2 tanks in the front with water to remove the barricades, are moving forward. One person was wounded by a helicopter.

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