Thursday, October 19, 2006

From the Bay of Pigs to 9/11 - Pt. 1

The following is snipped from Was September 11 another Pearl Harbor?

The events surrounding the creation of what we know to be modern-day Cuba are still shrouded in partial secrecy. From Fidel Castro's seizure of power in 1959, with CIA assistance, until 1963, we have seen the Bay of Pigs fiasco (April 1961), the attempt to activate Operation Northwoods (March 1962), the Cuban Missile Crises (October 1962), and the JFK Assassination (November 1963). What, besides Cuba itself, was the common thread in all of these events? The common thread was the attempt by U. S. business, intelligence, military and criminal interests to regain what they had lost when Castro's men took control of the government of Cuba.

The Bay of Pigs was meant to be the spark that would cause the anti-Castro Cubans to revolt. Like L. Fletcher Prouty, I find it very interesting that two of the transport ships associated with this operation were named the "Barbara J." and the "Houston" after they were acquired by L. Fletcher Prouty (then military liaison in the Pentagon to the CIA) from the Navy and repainted - Barbara is George H. W. Bush's wife, and Houston is where they lived in 1963. Another interesting fact about the Bay of Pigs is that it was code-named "Operation Zapata," which just happens to be the name of the elder Bush's first business, the Zapata Offshore Oil Drilling Company. Is it possible that that George H. W. Bush played some part in the Bay of Pigs operation, or could all of this be chalked up to a mere coincidence?

I also find it interesting that among the contemporaries of George H. W. Bush during the boom of the Cuban Task Force based in Miami, Florida, were Vice President Richard Nixon, CIA agents E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis (Fiorini), and Bernard Barker, and CIA contract agent George DeMohrenschildt. Richard Nixon was intimately involved in the planning of the covert and overt operations against Cuba, as he was with all active and planned intelligence operations at that time. Hunt was known in Miami as "The Bagman" because he controlled large sums of money used to pay for some of the Miami-based anti-Castro Cuban operations, Sturgis is believed to have assisted Castro's forces during Castro's rise to power, and Barker was involved in the Bay of Pigs Operation. Hunt, Sturgis and Barker became famous, or infamous, for their work as White House Plumbers during the Watergate Scandal. DeMohrenschildt is an interesting historical figure that I will discuss at greater length below.

Operation Northwoods was a plan drafted by the JCS and forwarded for approval to McNamara ... a plan that called for the U. S. military to carry out domestic acts of terrorism against U. S. cities to build public opinion for an invasion of Cuba. Does this plan sound similar to anything that has happened recently?

The Cuban Missile Crisis during the month of October 1962 was an attempt by U. S. hardliners to up the ante, so to speak ... to enable the U. S. military to have the excuse necessary to attack the old Soviet Union and to re-take Cuba.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was the last attempt to create the "war fever" necessary to support a war against the Soviet Union. As soon as the last gunshot echo died in Dealey Plaza, the media was inundated with information about Lee Harvey Oswald. What better person to blame for the killing of JFK than a "deserter" who had lived in the Soviet Union and had been documented handing out leaflets in New Orleans supportive of Fidel Castro? But how does that square with the fact that while in the Marines he was a radar operator involved with tracking U-2 flights in and out of the Atsugi Air Force Base in Japan? And how exactly did Oswald end up with a 201 personnel file in CIA records? It's interesting to me that the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) documented the fact that George DeMohrenschildt, a Russian who, oil geologist, and the man who had befriended Oswald and Marina in Fort Worth, Texas, had the name of George H. W. Bush listed in his address book. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was a contract agent for the CIA. It's also interesting that the HSCA makes note of the fact that "George Bush of the CIA" was briefed by an FBI man in Houston following the JFK assassination. And finally, why did Nixon say to the CIA that they didn't want the subject of the "Bay of Pigs" brought up? Why did he say, in recently revealed audiotapes, that the Warren Commission was the "biggest hoax"? Why was he in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and only fly out of Dallas 30 minutes before the assassination took place ... and why did he later deny three different times that he had even been there?

SOURCE: Unknown News


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