Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More on the Fort Meade Fire

Fort Meade is Echelon central, by the way, where the NSA has traditionally run its global spying apparatus. Bringing in data from all over the world and from listening posts in the U.K., New Zealand, Australia, and others (Yakima), this is where it was processed. However, the building that caught fire was an army intelligence building dealing in, among other things, "computer espionage," to quote their now removed overview page. The following snips and links are available thanks to John Young.

Blaze Guts Homeland Spy Building

Ryan Bagwell answers an email inquiry that he was the reporter and Andy Carruthers was the photographer in this banishment and censorship account of the Fort Meade fire:

"Army CID representatives forced a reporter and photographer from The Capital to leave the base about 30 minutes after they were allowed in. Officials told the photographer to erase all photos from his digital camera, and started ordering dozens of onlookers to clear the scene by about 5 p.m."

Blaze guts spy unit's building at Ft. Meade

Fire burns Fort Meade office complex

Here is an overview of the outfit that was housed at the now burnt building. This was posted at its own website but has been recently removed and subsequently reposted thanks, again, to Cryptome.

Also see What's REALLY Going On?


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