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Why follow a 9/11 lead provided by GW?

When I wrote this piece I was under some false impressions, namely that the particular research on September 11, 2001 that I initiated had sat unexplored during my two year absence from the internet. It turns out it hasn't and even some that ridiculed my research at the time have picked up this particular ball and run with it. That said for the purpose of context, enjoy!

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Why follow a 9/11 lead provided by GW?
by Eric Stewart

My intention wasn't to make this a 9/11 blog but recent developments in this field of research have commanded my attention. I have been one of the few people in this area of research that refuses to cast aside this little tidbit: at least four of the hijackers named by the Bush administration as being responsible for the murders of September 11, 2001 are alive, according to the BBC.

The mind will, at first, simply not want to absorp this. Even if you are a 9/11 researcher, chances are this just doesn't fit with everything else you know, or think you know. So much of what we understand that happened on that day, even if you are among the conspiracists, hinges on those nineteen Arabs, that mysterious flight school in Florida, and countless other "leads" that, ultimately, have led us nowhere.

Given that we know that four of the nineteen are still alive, doesn't it make sense to cast out the theory that nineteen Arab hijackers pulled it off aside? After all, this cover story WAS provided by the very administration that many of us blame for orchestrating it.

There are a variety of opinions and bodies of research, including plenty of pseudo-research, that hypothesize theories other than the nineteen arabs theory (Webfairy has postulated the presence of flying saucers at the twin towers that day). One of these was a theory initiated by yours truly (go to the link and scroll down to nearly halfway) and accurate or not, it would land me in the midst of a world of harrasment, electronic disruption, and carefully run smear campaigns against me. Here is a snip from years ago:

"Late in 1999, I frequented coffee shops in Santa Cruz, California and often found myself conversing with a person known to some as CIA Ken. I thought the label a little paranoid perhaps and figured it was solely based upon the perception that Ken had inside information. Shoot, I had been labeled similar things as people could not perceive any other explanation as to why I would know what I knew. Ken took a special interest in me....

...Ken said a lot of things to me but it was one thing that stuck out. He stressed the word Mitre as in Mithras (an old Babylonian god). According to him, it was the root word of measure and meter and he claimed that not only was it revered in Masonic circles (I cannot verify this) but that the Maitreya (a man doing tours of the globe and allegedly performing miracles) was somehow connected to all of this, being some sort of an 'avatar' to Masonic lodges. His other claim was that it was the 'god' of contracts and contractual obligations.

Now, I cannot verify much of this but it seems likely that the word IS the root of variations of the word 'measure'. What is significant here, however, is that years later, in the midst of researching 9-11 on my own, I happened upon the name of a non-profit corporation (a contradiction?) known as Mitre Corporation. This piqued my interest.

To make an already long story shorter, Mitre Corporation is involved in the research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles - remote controlled aircraft and Warren Buffet, their prime benefactor, has been seen with a great deal of suspicion with regards to his actions and whereabouts on the day of 9-11.

For the next year or so I realized that by plugging Mitre Corporation into the research of that day that a very great deal of seemingly unrelated items particular to 9-11 research suddenly came together into a fine mesh."

Did "CIA Ken" have some beans to spill?

I have run my research by countless people but to no avail. Ninety percent, or more, of the independent investigators into 9/11 have too much time, blood, and sweat invested in their own bodies of research to just throw it all away and I understand that sentiment. Believe me. Nothing changes the fact, however, that such people are ignoring one glaring inconsistency: such researchers are taking the word of an adminstration that they, in turn, blame for creating 9/11, an adminstration that we all know lies.

In that moment, we were vulnerable. Being really smart or educated doesn't make you immune to the truism that a freshly traumatized mind is more likely to accept whatever reality is presented to them. This is well known in circles of psychiatry and psychology. Noam Chomsky was right: one doesn't need to control the flow of answers to rule. One need merely control the paramaters of the questioning and a vast majority of us questioned everything AFTER this initial presumption: that Arabs did it. Somehow, most of us never got around to questioning the initial presumption itself.

If I am right, then we are left with two bodies of research that have been fleshed out, or have they? There is the Israeli hypothesis but this doesn't work for me. It came out too quick as if it was nearly as ready as the State Department's finger of blame at Osama. As well, if indeed the Bush administration played a key role, and we all know they come from a long line of Nazis, then it is entirely possible that a lot of people were duped on that count as well. Modern day "Zionists" in the media do a pretty good job of making Jewish people look bad, even the ones that supposedly are Jewish, just as on the world stage American "dignitaries" representing us give the world a very bad impression of the average American. No, it reeks of a psyop (proponents of this theory are welcome to email me with their findings).

The other body of research that we are left with is the remote control theory (acknowledgement: some proponents of the remote control theory posit that the this is where the Israeli angle comes in). This, of course, brings up issues of unbelievability. So many consider the theory to be science fiction that it is difficult to pass that one by. What is unfortunate is these people's inability to reconcile their own views with the truth, that such technologies not only exist, but aren't particularly new.

While I was not the first person to bring up the remote hijacking theory, and I wasn't the first person to link Warren Buffet to the events of that day, I was the first person draw a definitive link between Buffet and investments into the technologies that make Global Hawk possible. Mitre Corporation USED to brag, at its website, of their close relationship to this, the second richest man in America and they have done much in the realm of researching UAV'S or unmanned aerial vehicles (how does an outfit like this exist as an NGO anyway). As well, Mitre started as an offshoot of MIT's Lincoln Laboratories and this area is where we also find another highly suppressed story, even in the 9/11 community. It's all about Ptech.

At one time I had thousands of pages of research on this matter stored at various locations online. When I was conducting it, I didn't own my own computer. I though it safe, for the most part, archived at two online sites. Since then, one of those sites, an outfit famous for NOT censoring, removed everything I had ever archived there and it is Indmyedia. I wouldn't be too harsh on them though; there is evidence that they were under some exceptional pressure and if my own life over most of the past five years is any indication then there is some pretty horrific stuff going on across America to discourage dissidents.

The other site is gone, perhaps permanently. I felt defeated and I balked at the prospect of spending another year piecing together what it took me three to create so in my depression, I dropped out of online activism. Recently, however, it has come to my attention that I may be able to recover most of that information and I assure you that if I can recover even three quarters of it, then I am off and running again. I also came upon a piece wherein we find out that five of the nineteen Arabs whose faces are etched into our minds are STILL on the FAA's no-fly list. You will read how names got on that list in error but I maintain that the list was not an error. In cases where we have political dignitaries that 'wound up' on the list, it is almost always someone that the Bush administration would have a vested interest in harrassing (over the past few years Ralph Nader and Ted Kennedy, among others would be detained at airports as potential terrorists).

Unlikely Terrorists On No-Fly List

There is a whole lot more to this story so bear with me; it may take months to be back on track where I left off. In the meantime this will not be a specifically 9/11 blog but I will "go there" from time to time.

Thank you for your time and attention.

P.S. Upon scanning the web for references to link to in the above piece, it appears some people have been following up on these leads and I couldn't be happier to know that when I dropped off the scene that this research, relying on its own merits, stood and grew. However, I was less happy to learn that one of these researchers is the individual that was roughed up and bloodied last week and I speak of Christopher Bollyn.

One irony is that From the Wilderness has picked up this information and though I don't know to what extent Mike Ruppert is still involved but Ruppert railed against me repeatedly for months for making these very claims. He had me censored repeatedly and I can only come to one of two conclusions: he finally saw the light or he just wanted me rushed off so that he could claim the research. It is possible, I suppose, that From the Wilderness is now simply being run by finer minds (Ruppert is supposedly in Venezuela for good). Still another possibility is that he, as some say, merely picks up that information which cannot be denied by serious researchers in order to spin it. I am not sure about that but he did wage a war on me and if this is not the reason why he did it then I am at a loss to explain it. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

I understand Killtown has hosted some great information on Buffet and 9/11. I have not had the opportunity to pore over their site so caveat lector but out of respect I suppose they deserve mentioning. Here is their site.

We'll see how long my webmail accounts, my subscriptions to mailing lists, and my blog last now. I HAVE been repeatedly cyber-harrassed over the years for items like this one.

Enough for now but there is more to come so stay tuned!

Also see Innumerable Connections between 9/11, anti-Castro Cuban exiles, Oklahoma City, Iran-Contra, Watergate, the Bay of Pigs, etc..


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