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9/11: It's Time for America to Pick Up the Baton

I am done researching 9/11.

Two years ago, several years of independent 9/11 investigation, research independent of any online umbrella group and independent of a Bush adminstration provided lead (that nineteen Arabs pulled off the events of September 11, 2001), was destroyed (since, I have resurrected much of it at this blog). It was destroyed from several angles. Its author was intimidated by multiple fires starting at residences inhabited by immediate family members (two different fires in one week) and by the poisoning of two of his dogs, in separate incidents a year or so apart. This author (yours truly) had been through an awful lot already, including many thousands of electronic attacks on his websites, mailing lists, and email accounts and by the most jarring kinds of death threats. After having my love life infiltrated by an operative, specifically by a woman that after a year and a half experienced some attack of conscience and informed me that she had been "assigned" to me, and in conjunction with what I had experienced in other aspects of my life, I decided to drop out of the online activist scene. At this time, in the fall of 2004, I had just witnessed another hijacking of the electoral process and after I saw that John Kerry was going to sit on millions of dollars of campaign money rather than spend any of it getting to the bottom of the fraud, I was at the brink of despondency.

The 9/11 research I speak of was also destroyed by having Indymedia, who at the time took an active stance against such research, delete each and every thing I had ever posted there. In a matter of a couple of days, everything ever posted there by Agent Smiley (an old online pseudonym of mine) or Eric Stewart was suddenly gone, this after one Michael C. Ruppert had specifically stated that he was going to contact Indymedia and request just such censorship. He said he'd do it and then it was all gone and still, to this day, I go through endless inane arguments that insist that I may be wrong in my conclusions.

Additionally,, a now essentially defunct website, went under. Reportedly, everything ever archived there (three quarters, I am sure, of everything I had researched on 9/11) was now held hostage by some ISP that the site's owner has not payed the bill on to this day. At this point, I can see the question mark hovering over readers' heads and I will explain that for years I conducted all of my activism on computers at public libraries and university libraries and didn't own my own, hence the fact that none of this information was backed up.

Let me be clear: although I am not the first person to draw a connection between Warren Buffet and 9/11 and although I was not the first person to draw a connection between Global Hawk (remote piloting) and that fateful day, I was the first person that drew a connection between Buffet and such technologies and more specifically, Mitre Corporation. I state this for one reason and that is that I intend, here, to illustrate the importance of this vein of research that I stumbled upon a few years ago, this for the very last time. It was far more important than I had any idea of at the time and, further, I would only later discover that it was important enough to have some element, presumably the national security state (whom I had already angered a few years before by instigating Jam Echelon Day), devote many labor hours and lots of dollars to disrupting it.

Back in 2001, I had just come out of several years of psychological operations, ops aimed at my destabilization and, essentially, at punishing me for having the gall to make sure that Echelon (an NSA system whereby emails and phone calls were eavesdropped upon, globally, for decades) made it from being just another conspiracy theory to being on the set of Sixty Minutes. In just four months, this system went from being hardly heard of to being the subject of discussion all over the web, in magazines and newspapers, and on the floor of congress. Also, back in 2001, I was just beginning a mailing list that was designed to highlight psychological operations. I was determined to expose what had happened to me and to warn others of just how mass behavior was modified, covertly and without the knowledge of most. Yes, millions, I discovered, were being manipulated without their awareness. It can be a difficult task convincing people that their opinions are not their own but are, largely, in fact, manufactured and induced by the corporate-military media complex. This kind of claim attacks most peoples' sense of identity and sovereignty and it is a common reaction to attack the messenger and never consider the message, especially in a land where comfort is the prime directive.

On this mailing list, much transpired in the early days ensuing the events of September 11, 2001 that would give me a lens through which to view the intentions and methods of certain individuals. To be more clear, there were a few relatively famous internet personalities that, for one reason or another, were drawn to my list and whom I would get to know. Today, Dick Eastman and one Webfairy conduct an endless rabbit hole of arguments, carefully designed to feign opposition and to attempt to define the parameters of separate camps within the 9/11 movement. A short narrative is in order here.

Back in 2001, and partly into 2002, I was in search of my own answers regarding the destruction of the twin towers and I had no particular special insight. There were a handful of people that were on my list that I considered to have some keen minds but I took no particular stance, merely knowing that something was certainly fishy about that day. Between Eastman, Webfairy, and a few others, I had much to sort through and much of it was mutually contradictory. I plugged along, trying to take it all in. What I didn't know at the time was that I had already been given the magic key to 9/11 a few years earlier, by an intelligence operative. The key was Mitre.

I was researching masonic lore and conspiracy legend surrounding this nebulous group (freemasons) when I happened upon mention of the word Mitre in the context of a Babylonian god that allegedly had been assigned as being in charge of measurement, the word 'mitre' being comparable to 'meter', and hence 'measurement.' In my perusings, I came upon the existence of a non-profit defense outfit called Mitre Corporation and among the first things I discovered about them was that they were heavily into real time battle command (the real time flow of information regarding targets globally, managed by supercomputers) and remote piloting. I also discovered something that Mitre used to brag about but that now is not mentioned in any way whatsoever at their website, that one of their prime benefactors was Warren Buffet, the world's second richest man. Since I had already heard that Buffet was at Offut Air Force Base on September 11, 2001 with a handful of CEO's from the World Trade Center and since I had just recently become familiar with the theory that remote piloting had been used to crash two jets into the twin towers, I began to further research Mitre. What I would soon find out was that by plugging Mitre into the 9/11 equation, revelations would make themselves obvious with exponential rapidity, one after another.

I knew I was onto something. After all, the best and most well known 9/11 researchers among us were coming up with new leads every few months but this stuff was releasing a Pandora's box, one that was yielding new leads DAILY. This had to be significant. I mean, when the introduction of a single element to a body of research unleashes revelations at hundreds of times the rate as any other piece of information, it just made sense that this must be an overlooked, vitally important item in discovering the perpetrators of Reichstag II.

Initially, Dick Eastman supported my research, especially went some of it implied a potential Chinese involvement. To this day, I consider that day to have been an international effort, involving the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and China. However, soon after, for some reason unknown to me, Eastman dropped from my list sent me a vague nasty about my research, and began to tell others on other lists that I had no ear to that I was consciously involved in some effort at disinformation. I felt thoroughly betrayed, a feeling I would come to know intimately in the research that ensued over the next three or so years. As well, Webfairy dropped from my list, similarly offering vague, hostile sounding reasons and telling others that I was part of a global cabal of vampires (she called me a "drac" to be specific), my family name of 'Stewart' being part of her reasoning. Internet, Masonic conspiracy lore claims the Stewarts as being part of some ancient, evil group of bloodlines. Appealing to the lowest common denominator, she would inform the David Icke crowd that I was not to be trusted. Though all of this is, in a sense, highly laughable, I consider the attempt at affecting the least discriminating among us with deceit to be vile in that it can, unfortunately, be effective. In Webfairy's case, she would pick up my Buffet leads and forever discredit them by reaching a vast amount of people with them in accompaniment with other, ridiculous ideas such as the existence of flying saucers at the World Trade Center. Today, she helps people associate some of the most important 9/11 leads with the theory that no planes even hit the towers that day and that it was all special effects.

I took my leads to Mike Ruppert and his response was to have me booted from every forum that he and I shared. My attempts at resurecting the Ptech story (a Massachusettes software firm with Mitre connections and connections to the Carlyle Group via bin Laden and to Booz, Allen, & Hamilton) and at pointing out the flaw in trusting the very regime we accuse of being at the controls of said ops to provide us with a solid lead (it was the Bush administration that gave us the idea that nineteen Arabs had anything to do with it) drew completely fabricated accusations by Ruppert. If you don't already feel like you have vertigo from the incessant rabbit holes of the 9/11 investigations, let me help you: Ruppert accused me of accusing him of things that I never accused him of. I asked him to reproduce such accusations, certain that he couldn't (because they never occured), and his response was to threaten me with lawsuits if I didn't stop accusing him of things. Having been falsely accused of accusing a man of things that I never did, I could immediately see that all of this would serve two purposes. He would use his reputation to convince newcomers to our debate not to trust me (after all, who that is still reading this puts the words of an unknown like Eric Stewart into a category of higher credibility than the mighty, well know Michael C. Ruppert) and he would use endless inane arguments and a wilderness of mirrors to confuse any that would actually follow our debate.

By this time, I was seeing that Ruppert employed many of the same tactics that other psyop practitioners used. These kinds of tactics are rampant in the investigations into 9/11 and their sole purpose is to make the task of sorting through all of it seem far too daunting for most, discouraging most Americans from even looking into it and convincing many that insanity is rampant among such investigators. So, finally, after denying that I had ever accused Ruppert of anything, I began to feel that some accusations might be in order. When I began to question his integrity over this contrived bantering, he had his ammunition and taking accusations that I finally did make to Indymedia as evidence that I was a detractor of one of the most important investigators of our time (this is the stance that he would take), he had everything I had ever archived at Indymedia removed. Ironically, From the Wilderness now hosts research into Mitre Corporation and Ptech by Michael Kane, though he carefully avoids any of the Israeli connections. Nowhere in their research is there a single mention of Israel. Similarly, Christopher Bollyn has attacked the Mitre-Ptech connection, focusing rabidly on the Israeli connections while ignoring the Saudi ones, connections that are hyperfocused on by FTW. Can you say controlled opposition? After all, one of the things that became obvious in my own research into all of this (linking to Booz, Allen, & Hamilton, a firm neither Ruppert nor Bollyn seem to dare mention) was that there was close cooperation between Saudi royalty and the Israeli Space Agency. For those of you unaware at the extent to which various space programs around the world were involved in the events of 9/11, check out the links at the bottom of this post.

If you have read this far, I thank you and you should thank yourself for doing whatever it is that you have done to ensure that your mind has remained open during these trying times, times that certainly encourage people to close their minds entirely. I would like you, the reader that has stayed with me, to know that the reason I have gone into all of this is because of recent events, wherein psyops run amuck. Recently, the controlled demolition aspect of 9/11 investigations flowered to fruition. Various outfits produced video presentations in which we were made aware of the undeniability of this angle of the 9/11 truth movement. One eighteen second snippet of video, sampled from a BBC special that came out this last September was particularly devastating to the charade presented to the American people, as it made the sequence of charges that took down the twin towers not only particularly visible, but completely audible. Additionally, the very fact that this video was extremely short and devoid of long winded narratives made it all that much more powerful in its ability as a convincer. I consider it no accident that in the wake of this, at roughly the same moment in time, that certain fairly well known icons in the movement suddenly jumped onto the wagon that says that a scalar beam destroyed the towers. The element of the fantastic again took the forefront and I am sure that in the process we lost many people that were on the verge of accepting the legitimacy of the 9/11 truth movement. Believe it or not, the first person I ever heard make this claim was none other than Webfairy, years ago. As well, she and other 'no-planers' have kicked into high gear in digging rabbit holes everywhere possible.

I am done with 9/11 research. In the course of years of arguments with people all over the web and on countless mailing lists, I have come to realize that if ninety-nine percent of people on such lists are going to continue to remain silent, then I will no longer be among the one percent that actually voices his mind. I have no way of knowing what the average American truly thinks about all of this because on the internet, the average American is silent. If I am to go by the type of person that I most commonly find myself engaged with over issues such as these and if I am to consider such persons typical of the American mind, then the American mind is either deliberately closed or hopelessly stunted. Even if such people are not representative of how America thinks, then we are left with the fact that ninety-nine percent of the online public consider the internet, websites, and even so-called discussion groups to be spectator events wherein all gather around to hear a few speak. I, for one, will not contribute to the spectacle. I will not contribute to a dynamic that only serves to reinforce the spectator-performer duality. I am not special. I have no amazing gift for research; I have only the willingness to do it.

There is a whole lot more to what I had intended to go into regarding remote piloting, including the atmospheric physics that are key to understanding how over the horizon signalling is made possible and enhanced but I no longer feel that I serve the greater good by doing so. It is your turn, America. You, the reader, if you have even made it this far into this diatribe, are apparently equipped to do exactly as I have done. You need to trust yourself and that is all.

Don't be afraid of ridicule and don't be afraid of online spooks. There are too many of you to silence. Especially, don't be afraid to be wrong or to make mistakes. It is only in the process of making such mistakes that you will develop your critical faculties and research skills and before you know it, you will be good at it.

For myself, if I haven't convinced readers that our governmental, corporate, and military entites lied about 9/11, and if the movement in general hasn't done so already, then there is no hope. If I am wrong, and you are indeed convinced, then it is your turn to pick up the slack.

This is my challenge to you: can you do it? Prove it.

If you, the reader, are new to my research or this particular angle on 9/11, then you probably have an awful lot of questions that remain unanswered, some of which is only hinted at in what is above. I can assure you that most of them are answered in the following links.

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At November 25, 2006 11:11 PM, Blogger Hayduke said...

Hello Eric:

You're right about Ruppert: he's a master of disinformation, with a mosaic past impossible to decipher. If you look at the pattern of his life and work, he falls right in with the rest: Nagell, Hidell, Morales... The important thing to remember is they all work both sides. Ruppert's dramatic escape to South America is kin with Nagell's shot fired into the bank ceiling: boxes within boxes within boxes.

9/11? Yes, yes, and yes. It's all there. You have pieces of it, big pieces. And the story is much more and further reaching than any of us care to find out. After all, it's only civilization that's at stake here, civilization as they want it and craft it, that is. We don't get a say in it at all.

What can we do? Well, I've found a safe place, a comfortable place, a cover, a story, a life. From this place, I'll continue to build the opposition and the alternative. Just as they work both sides, so can we.

Leona Gulch
Pacific Plate


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