Friday, November 17, 2006

Calling Rick Siegel

Recently, I made contact with one Rick Siegel over this video, which was, for a time, being denied to me by Google. Rick hosted it himself and then reported a hack at his site. He managed to post one more item and now, for days, nothing. All emails from his account are bouncing and I even tried getting an automated account at his site to send him a message through his own page and even it gave me an error. I tried again and it said, "You are not authorized to carry out this operation." However, the previous page says, "All registered users can post private messages."

Here is the message I sent, the one that it appears he may never get:

All messages I send to you, from various accounts, are bouncing so I got this account to reach you. Programs have been implemented before to keep certain individuals from contacting each other and I have personally witnessed accounts taken over by someone other than the original owner and I wonder sometimes if online contacts of mine haven't simply been disappeared into some Gitmo gulag.

Please respond very soon so that I know none of this applies to you.


At November 19, 2006 2:15 PM, Blogger Eric Stewart said...

This is really spooky. Rick Siegel hosted a video that I was hosting and we had both experienced hacks. Soon, I lost contact with Rick and his website's personal messaging began to not work. Then, atop his page appeared an item that thoroughly discredits him and, by association, me as it associates our work with UFO research.

Let me be clear. The UFO phenomenon is a complicated rabbit hole and I make no claims as to their authenticity as extraterrestrials. It's just really neat in the context that associations with UFOs is a COMMON slander used by the international security state.

I posted this item (Calling Rick Siegel) to my blog next, sending out copies of it as an email to several forums. Rick has yet to answer but now, at "his" latest post he manages to slander one of the very few, and perhaps most popular forum that has had the balls to actually host INDEPENDENT research, i.e. research independent of the GW-provided lead that implies that nineteen Arabs pulled off 9/11.

As well, I smell another form of psyop here. My post at this blog mentioned that I have personally seen others' accounts and web presences taken over by gubment goons and he starts his very first piece after all of this with an accusation that 911 Blogger has been so taken over. This is a very common tactic: if you are guilty of A, start your offense with an accusation that it is others that are guilty of A. This only works if said party beats you to such accusations. Readers at this blog may be immune to such vile and low level tactics but in such cases, it is the lowest common denominator that is the target.

So, the site is hacked, over the same item that mine was hacked. Soon UFO posts begin to appear and he smears the very site that has done the most to recently host MY research (coincidence?), engages in a common tactic for psyoppers, and still won't answer my messages, which may be the most telling part.

Spooky, I say. Beware...

At November 19, 2006 2:18 PM, Blogger Eric Stewart said...

I don't think we are dealing with Rick Siegel any more.

At November 19, 2006 5:50 PM, Blogger onlinetv said...

Sorry, I was really busy getting the site moved to another service where I can have it more secure. It really hurts to have everything come down on you like that.

I have other issues here as I am doing an article about the DOD, Google and the Internet as a whole. My yahoo mail and sites were cut off from Europe for almost 12 hours and I could not get to them. I finally got mail running and got a few stories off before I found this.

The news even on mass media seems to be the increased war on Internet terrorisim and that would mean dissenters. Disagreement with the laws of the United States of America is enough reason. We are in deep doodoo my friend.

Don't let me disappear!

At November 20, 2006 3:42 PM, Blogger Eric Stewart said...

Wrinkle free and pleasant!


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