Friday, November 10, 2006

Google Hand Manipulates Top Search Returns

[From NYC TV]

Here are some snips:

Far from being rumors Google censors, hand manipulates results, edits the result, deletes results, and stops certain pages from rising in the search returns. Google alters the political landscape of those search returns. NYC TV has found that Google hand manipulates their search returns for more reasons than declared in their "tips to webmasters."


The pages at are all WWWC3 compatible except for the pages that have google video in them (google is the only non-compliant thing in our pages). Our pages are designed to be search engine friendly and have the keywords especially in place for each page for easy index. We do not word stuff or break Google's own dictatorial and fascist rules. Yet adhering to their rules does not mean you still may rise to the top because they censor. The inverse of that is that they put their "friends" stories first. That being the secret club of Rome, the Bonesboys and the CIA first.

We are sure they put that page up at the top for that search by accident. We are sure they put it up there on purpose and by hand. Just as sure as they brought that page result off their engine on purpose. We are sure Google is not the search engine they claim but a web farm of affiliate sales sites selling Google advertising to each other while being owned and funded by the various Intelligence agencies, government and non-governmental industries to promote a central core of information to use for the DOD's recently named "warfighters" and expand consumerism.


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At November 11, 2006 6:53 AM, Blogger Eric Stewart said...

I just picked up an incoming virus at a YouTube vid on LAPD brutality (I was backing my browser up when it happened so I don't know which one did it - I had to shut it down):


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