Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey Counterpunch: Where Did You Get Those Pictures?

by Paul V. Sheridan

Mr. Cockburn:

Thank you for your article of 9/10/2006, "How They Let the Guilty Parties of 9/11 Slip Off the Hook - The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts." It has and will serve many purposes well. I was especially enamoured by your opening sentence; the one that associates the name Bush with the word "mastermind."

However, I would like to solicit your assistance, and perhaps the assistance of your brother Andrew, with a minor issue (please see specific request below). This assistance involves your sentence :

"As regards the hole, my brother Andrew -- writing a book about Rumsfeld and the DoD during his tenure -- has seen photos taken within 30 minutes of Pentagon impact clearly showing outline of entire plane including wings. This was visible momentarily when the smoke blew away . . . "

Wow! That is clearly a piece of evidence that would demolish the entire "conspiracy nuts" issue revolving to-this-day about 9/11 and the Pentagon. Some preliminary questions:

Will these photos be available anytime soon?

Who is in possession of these photos ("taken within 30 minutes")?

Who TOOK the photos ("taken within 30 minutes")?

Given that only one, maybe two, video cameras were in-operation at the Pentagon that day (vis-i-vis the Judicial Watch FOIA "results"), what type of photographic technology was used for the photos your brother Andrew has seen ("taken within 30 minutes")? Were these video capture, standalone digital/SLR? Etc.?

Why weren't these photos ("taken within 30 minutes") made available to the good honest folks at The 9/11 Commission?

Why weren't these photos ("taken within 30 minutes") made available to The 9/11 Commission for inclusion in their "List of Illustrations and Tables" on page IX of their report?

Why weren't these photos ("taken within 30 minutes") made available to the good honest folks at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for discussion and inclusion in their 'The Pentagon Building Performance Report'?

Why have these photos ("taken within 30 minutes") never been released to the public, other than perhaps your brother Andrew?

Will these photos ("taken within 30 minutes") be included in the book that your brother Andrew is writing "about Rumsfeld and the DoD during his tenure"?

My SPECIFIC REQUEST involves a letter I wrote to Mr. Rumsfeld that has gone unanswered for over a year. It can be found here:




Please note the "Specific Request" that I make atop page 3 of that letter.

At this point I would ask your assistance, in both the context of your excellent article about "9/11 conspiracy nuts" and in the context of your brother Andrew's upcoming book, that we-together both work to get an official response to my "Specific Request" to Mr. Rumsfeld of 22 July 2005.

Please respond.

Paul V. Sheridan

P.S. If your brother Andrew would like to include a copy of my 22 July 2005 letter to Mr. Rumsfeld in his book, please telephone me to discuss (313-277-5095).

SOURCE: Rick Siegel

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