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Multiple Updates from Oaxaca

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1. US Ambassador orders Fox to Crack Down
2. Mexican Progressives Support Oaxaca
3. Oaxaca Negotiations Stalled; Governor Refuses to Quit
4. Protests in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca
5. A Call from the Zapatistas: Oaxaca is not alone!
6. Additional Information


1. US Ambassador orders Fox to Crack Down

I have this from an extremely reliable source whose identity I choose to protect:

Victor Hernandez of "El Sendero del Peje" reports that:

The fascist government top decision-makers: Vicente Fox, Carlos Abascal, Diego Fernandez de Ceballos, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Mariano Palacios, Manuel Espino, Elba Esther Gordillo, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, Emilio Gamboa, the Navy Secretary, Admiral Marco A. Peyrot and the Armed Forces held an "ULTRASECRET" meeting at Los Pinos yesterday (October 27) at 21:30 hrs. Gen. Gerardo Vega Garcia, the Secretary of Public Safety, Eduardo Medina Mora and the Director of CISEN (Investigation and National Security Center), Jaime Domingo Lopez H., as well as North American ambassador in Mexico Tony Garza and none other than Carlos Slim ! to make "definitive" decisions regarding the situation in Oaxaca.

Basically, Garza ordered to send the PFP (Preventive Federal Police). What a pity...eleven years of war (1810-1821), and the Reforma by Benito Juarez, Mexico's victory over the French army, the Mexican Revolution and the so many deaths and still, we receive orders from the USA Ambassador!

No doubt that the PAN, betraying the Nation, give our soverignty away to the claws of the Imperial Eagle!

(Translated by Patricia Barba from a report sent by Víctor Hernández and forwarded by Professor and social activist Lilia Antonia Vargas León).

2. Mexican Progressives Support Oaxaca

Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit

Prensa Latina, Havana

Mexican Progressives Support Oaxaca

Mexico, Oct 31 (PL/NYTr) The National Democratic Convention and the Progressive Wide Front led by the opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called for a protest Tuesday to support the Oaxaca people.

Both movements, made up of the Democratic Revolution Parties (PRD) the Labour Party (PT) and Convergence, showed their solidarity with Oaxaca's people and reiterated their condemnation of the use of public force to solve social and political problems.

A communiqui signed by Lopez Obrador warned, if the police deployment is extended, of the possibility of more victims and greater violence.

The intervention of the Preventive Federal Police (PFP) into Oaxaca city did not solve the conflict, but rather deepened the political crisis and lack of governability, the statement continued.

Meanwhile, 3,000 teachers from Michoacan went to Oaxaca Tuesday to announce a long-term strike in more than 10,000 schools to support the Oaxaca People s Popular Assembly (APPO).

Representing the teachers, Luis Zarco said Michoacan teachers will decide when the strike will begin and reiterated the teachers' disagreement with the deployment of PFP soldiers in Oaxaca Sunday.

The entrance of those forces was surprising since APPO and teachers talks have not yet concluded.

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3. Oaxaca Negotiations Stalled; Governor Refuses to Quit

Via NY Transfer News Collective * All the News that Doesn't Fit

Prensa Latina, Havana

Oaxaca Negotiations at a Standstill

Mexico, Oct 31 (PL/NYTr)--Negotiations between the Minister of Government and the Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca (APPO) remained suspended on Tuesday amid the continued presence of Federal police forces in the city.

Enrique Rueda, leader of the Oaxaca teachers, stated that the military operation had scuttled the resumption of classes promised for Monday, as conditions were not appropriate to open schools.

Minister of Government Carlos Abascal confirmed that the federal presence in Oaxaca would last until they fulfill their objective to reopen roads and establish public order which, he said, is expected to be achieved soon.

APPO and the education union expressed interest in resuming negotiations to achieve the removal of the high-ranking commands of the police and justice under Gov. Ulises Ruiz, who has been urged to resign by the Senate. [He has refused to resign; see article below. - NYTr]

According to Rueda, the Presidency must assume the political consequences of the unilateral decision to send soldiers as the operation was violent and the resignation of Ruiz is a demand that is not negotiable.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Government admitted that the Preventive Federal Police have occupied the city of Oaxaca, but without achieving its total control.

Similarly, it admitted mistakes committed in the operation begun Sunday on the pretext of restoring calm and order in the region.

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Granma International - Oct 31, 2006

Oaxaca governor rejects congressional demand for his resignation

MEXICO.-- Ulises Ruiz, governor of Oaxaca, has confirmed that on no account will he resign and returned yesterday to the regional government building that had been taken over by more than 4,000 members of federal police riot squads (PFP).

Oaxaca governor rejects congressional demand for his resignation The Mexican Congress -- its Senate and the Chamber of Deputies -- has demanded that Governor Ruiz leave his post in order to regain control of that state,
which today is involved in an unprecedented conflict, reported PL.

According to the Oaxaca government, the legislative demand is unconstitutional because it violates the sovereignty of the state, as well as interposing a constitutional controversy before the nation's Supreme Court, which will decide this week whether or not to proceed.

For his part, President-elect Felipe Caldersn called on the leaders and authorities in Oaxaca involved in the conflict to work within this framework in order to reestablish the educational calendar.

Together with Reyes Tamez Guerra, the secretary for public education, Caldersn endorsed the decision and the actions taken by the federal government concerning the entry of the PFP into Oaxaca in order to
reestablish order.

Meanwhile, the city is continuing to survive with bare-bones service, no public transport or waste collection and, most importantly, no classes.

Thousands of businesses remain closed, having been looted or intermittently robbed, and the streets have been deserted by the majority of inhabitants.

Translated by Granma International

4. Protests in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca

From Indymedia:

In solidarity with the people of Oaxaca and in memory of Brad Will, many protests are appearing all around the world in the past 72 hours. Only this monday, Octuber 30th, at least 14 cities in the USA joinned the protests. In New York, around 11 activists were detainned. In Europe, protests are happening in London and in Barcelona where the Mexico Consulate were occupied. In Brasil, protests are beeing called in many cities: Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, São Paulo e Fortaleza.

Read More: Flyers for the protest in Rio in solidarity with in solidarity with Oaxaca [RJ] - Spray painting at the Mexico Consulate dennouncing the murder of Brad Will Messages in protest at the mexican consulate in Rio de janeiro The EZLN Communique about Oaxaca [MPL-DF] Letter in support with the people from Oaxaca Protestat the Mexico Consulate

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5. A Call from the Zapatistas: Oaxaca is not alone!

Shut-Down of Roads, Highways and the Media on November 1; General Strike Called for November 20

By the Sixth Commission of the EZLN
The Other Mexico
October 30, 2006


October 30, 2006.

To the people of Mexico:
To the people of the world:
To the Other Campaign in Mexico and the other side of the Rio Grande:
To the entire Sixth International:

Compañeros and compañeras:
Brothers and sisters:

It is now known publicly that yesterday, 29th of October 2006, Vicente Fox’s federal forces attacked the people of Oaxaca and its most legitimate representative, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).

Today, the federal troops have assassinated at least 3 people, among them a minor, leaving dozens of wounded, including many women from Oaxaca. Dozens of detainees were illegally transported to military prisons. All this comes in addition to the existing total of deaths, detainees and missing persons since the beginning of the mobilization demanding that Ulises Ruiz step down as Oaxaca’s governor.

The sole objective of the federal attack is to maintain Ulises Ruiz in power and to destroy the popular grassroots organization of the people of Oaxaca.

Oaxaca’s people are resisting. Not one single honest person can remain quiet and unmoved while the entire society, of which the majority are indigenous, is murdered, beaten and jailed.

We, the Zapatistas, will not be silent; we will mobilize to support our brothers, sisters and comrades in Oaxaca.

The EZLN’s Sixth Commission has already consulted the Zapatista leadership and the following has been decided:

First: During whole day of November 1, 2006, the major and minor roads that cross Zapatistas territories in the southwestern state of Chiapas will be closed.

Consequently, we ask that everyone avoid traveling by these roads in Chiapas on this day and that one make the necessary arrangements in order to do so.

Second: through the Sixth Commission, the EZLN has begun making contact and consulting other political and social organizations, groups, collectives and individuals in the Other Campaign, in order to coordinate joint solidarity actions across Mexico, leading to a nationwide shut-down on the 20th of November, 2006.

Third: the EZLN calls out to the Other Campaign in Mexico and north of the Rio Grande, so that these November 1st mobilizations happen wherever possible, completely, partially, at intervals or symbolically shutting down the major artery roads, streets, toll booths, stations, airports and commercial media.

Fourth: The central message that the Zapatistas send and will continue sending is that the people of Oaxaca are not alone: They are not alone!

Ulises Ruiz out of Oaxaca!

Immediate withdrawal of the occupying federal forces from Oaxaca!

Immediate and unconditional freedom for all detainees!

Cancel all arrest warrants!

Punish the murderers!


From the North of Mexico.
For the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee-General Command of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.
For the EZLN Sixth Commission.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Mexico, October, 2006.

Translation: Radio Pacheco

6. Additional Information

NYC Indymedia volunteer Brad Will killed in attack by Paramilitaries in Oaxaca

New York City's Indymedia


A Good Look at Brad's Killers

[VIDEO] The Situation in Oaxaca

Brad Will's Last 5 min. of Footage

From Narconews:

PFP Occupation of Oaxaca Reveals Growing Polarization Within the Populace

Communique from the National Indigenous Congress in Support of the APPO

List of Protests to Defend the People of Oaxaca

Electronic Blockade of Mexican Government's Website and its mirror.


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