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Raytheon Connection to 9-11


How long has the United States and Big Oil conspired to take over the Caspian Basin? It all started before 1988 and what was expected to be a breakup of the USSR.

They have been conspiring, working, maneuvering and lying since at least since 1989 during the George H W Bush Administration. While things were heating up around Iraq, Kuwait theft of Iraq oil, and leading up to Desert Shield, then Desert Storm, the GHWB Administration implemented another “shield” in the form of Operation Steppe Shield. It was targeted at Kazakhstan and was named for the vast oil and gas reserves in the Kazakh Steppe region of Kazakhstan. This was at the end of the Russia – Afghanistan war and the purported fear of civil war in the southern provinces of what was the USSR, exactly where all of that oil and gas is located.

That is where Dick Cheney got himself appointed to the Kazakhstan Oil Advisory Board and later a gentleman you may not have heard of, but will read about below, found himself in a bit of a pickle regarding an oil company bribery schemes. My bet is, he picked up where Cheney left off.

Then the book titled The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives by Zbigniew Brzezinski came out in 1997, which just happens to coincide with when Clinton – Gore came out with PDD #39 to initiate the Patriot Act-type policies, the 20 Year war Plan was conceived and targeted first at the Caspian Basin, and the CIA renditions started.

You can count on it – they were not interested at all in civil war or what could have been many dead Russians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, and Turkmen, only the trillions of dollars in oil and natural gas in that region of the world. It was The Grand Chessboard, don’t you see!

You can also count on it that The Grand Chessboard, CIA renditions, Al Qaeda, the Patriot Act, the 20 Year war Plan are all interrelated and part of the Grand Scheme to play out The Grand Chessboard.

Most have heard about the Presidential Daily Briefing [the PDB] dated August 6, 2001 that was reviewed by Bush while on vacation at his Crawford, TX mini-ranch. (In Texas anything under 2500 acres is a hobby farm or mini-ranch. I know several that have 100,000 plus acre ranches in Texas.)

Less known is this, sent by one of the Email Update Members:

On August 2, 2001 the Federal Reserve Board of Governors issued a supervisory letter to the Reserve Banks emphasizing the importance of scrutinizing suspicious activity reports, which are filed by financial institutions under money laundering law and regulation. That letter did not mention Terrorism or its financing explicitly, but they were known if not emphasized as an important realm of ’suspicious activity.’ Four days later, the August 6 PDB cited ‘patterns of suspicious activity.’

If you recall the previous email and the Bridas / Afghanistan timeline, the Bush White House issued an ultimatum to the Taliban on August 2, 2001 while at the same time advising all Federal Reserve Banks to be on the lookout for money laundering and ties to Terrorism without officially using the word Terrorism. The ultimatum was in regards to the pipeline and U.S. control of it, even while we were already planning to attack them. In fact, the decision had already been made in early 2001 when the military was ordered to procure, train and be ready to deploy for an attack on Afghanistan well in advance of 9-11.

Most have heard about The Lie Factory [Office of Special Plans] being run by the Pentagon regarding Iraq intelligence and fabricating the reasons to justify invasion. Less known is that the Bush White House has been a Lie Factory since its being sworn into office.

For those of you who have kept up with the Sibel D. Edmonds story, the FBI translator who speaks English, Farsi, Azeri and Turkish, she uncovered money laundering activity within the FBI dating back to 1998 and ongoing drug investigations during the Clinton Administration. The Bush White House and Attorney General John Ashcroft did not want her to ever speak before Congress or a Court of Law so they put a gag order on her to keep her from disclosing the foreign names and American names she found involved in the financing of 9-11.

Some of you may have read the article I wrote and appeared on as part of the Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble series, the particular one being Part V. Or you may have heard me on one of the 159 radio shows I have done since August 27, 2004 and on some have addressed what you are about to read. Or, you may have seen one of the many articles done by a researcher affiliated with our group named Jon Carlson and has been posted on

You can see the Part V article of Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble at this link on my website.

So, how did they pull it off and dupe so many Americans?

Most know by now that there are many of the alleged terrorists still alive.

Many know by now that some of them appear to have direct ties to our military and most of them have association with the CIA in their backgrounds.

I have been saying since 2003 that what we are watching is a very poorly made remake of a bastardized blend of The Pelican Brief and Three Days of the Condor, with bad actors and even worse directors.

What you are about to read is one of the ways that they might have used to pull it off. Before you move on, put your mind into the “Geostrategic Imperative” mode and remember the word greed.

The reason that part of our research has focused on Raytheon is due to their acquisition of Hughes and tell-tale evidence at the Pentagon that no 757 hit that building on 9-11-2001.

The first clue was the approximately 16 foot diameter hole blasted through three rings of the Pentagon and knowledge that no airplane could have made that neatly blasted tunnel through three rings of the Pentagon and the thick steel reinforced concrete walls of that building. The only type of device that could do that is a directional blast of one of our military weapons, sort of a horizontal JDAM bomb.

The wingspan and tail of the alleged 757 had to have hit the Pentagon and then folded up neatly and went through the neat 16 foot hole, including the two 9 foot diameter jet engines that are over 9 feet in diameter and more or less 16 fee long. Trust me, Houdini could not have pulled that off and not left visible signs of where the wings and tail hit the face of the Pentagon, or made both engines align straight into the hole and be melted down in a low temperature fire..

The 757 is operated by a two-person flight crew in a simplified glass cockpit. The 757 is powered by either a Pratt & Whitney PW2037 or a Rolls-Royce RB211-535. The engines are wing mounted on pylons.

Hughes makes several types of air-to-ground missiles that would blast such a hole through three rings of stuff even tougher than the Pentagon and they are called AGM, or Air-to-Ground Missiles. You might want to stop here and read the Part V, Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble article so you can follow the details that follow.

Over the past several weeks I received an email where other people are beginning to see the light and the links between Raytheon and 9-11. I have been waiting for that before we disclosed what you are about to read.

First off, Raytheon and Hughes are both Big Defense contractors and have done very well due to Bush GWOT policies, as bogus as they are. They have done very well on several levels and have raked in huge war-driven profits.

I have asked the question before to audiences – “following Bush’s inauguration into office, what was his first major international crisis?” Most people respond “9-11” but that is not accurate. The first crisis was the forcing down of our Navy EP-3 by the People’s Republic of China on Hainan Island and the PRC stripping out the high tech equipment that was onboard that spy plane.

Remember that this was done by our good buddies over at the PRC, the close friends of George H W Bush, Prescott Bush, Jr and Maurice “Hank” Greenberg of AIG, the man known as “China’s Man in America”. When George H W Bush was president he handed down an edict barring all U.S. companies from selling communications satellite technology to the PRC, during the same period of time that his brother Prescott Bush, Jr. was over there selling all of it they wanted. Consider that.

Also consider that this is the same AIG and Maurice Greenberg that just settled with regulators and Eliot Spitzer’s office for $1.6 billion due to fraudulent conduct:

$1.6 billion estimate for AIG to settle

Bloomberg News
Published February 7, 2006

NEW YORK — American International Group Inc. will be the first insurer to settle an inquiry into bid-rigging when it pays about $1.6 billion to resolve probes of accounting and sales practices, a person familiar with the negotiations said Monday.

AIG, the world’s largest insurer, will compensate victims of price fixing as part of an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and New York Atty. Gen. Eliot Spitzer, said the source. The accord also will resolve allegations AIG manipulated earnings with improper reinsurance contracts.

Investigations of AIG led to last year’s ouster of Chief Executive Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, who ran the New York-based company for 38 years. An agreement, which the person said may be announced as early as this week, may be the largest in financial-services history. It will include payments to shareholders, policyholders and state worker compensation funds.

Additionally, some of you may be asking what this has to do with the price of tea in China or 9-11, but do not get impatient. There is more!

That “theft” by the good buddies over at the PRC included the Mode 3 IFF transponders (IFF = Identification Friend or Foe) and other Mode 3 and classified stealth and eaves dropping equipment that just happen to be made by Raytheon and a few other Big Defense elites and was suddenly in the hands of the PRC. Oh, my God, what an emergency! When this happened, all US, US ally and NATO planes had to be upgraded to Mode 4 with Mode 5 upgrade capabilities in many instances. That, in and of itself, was a massive contract but pales in comparison to the expenditures under the fallacious Bush GWOT policies.

This was during the same period of time that AIG, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and others were certified by the PRC and allowed to do business in that very much controlled nation, a goal they had sought for years.

As soon as 9-11 happened, Raytheon and Hughes made even more revenues in supplying the equipment and maintenance needed to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.

I think I have made my position on the relationships between 9-11, Bridas Corporation, and Afghanistan plenty clear so will not belabor that point here.

But, some of you are still asking, OK, Karl, what does this have to do with 9-11 and the price of tea in China?

OK, you email update members are such an impatient lot!

Imagine – on 9-11 two 737 airplanes and an A-3 Skywarrior, each having Mode 4 or Mode 5 capabilities and not a single air traffic controller, US based fighter plane, NORAD, or any of the National Guard planes having Mode 4 or Mode 5 because no one else had that and they did not need it here yet. So they thought.

These Mode 4 and Mode 5 IFF transponders would have been the perfect way to slip those planes into US airspace and no one would be any wiser until it was all over. These IFF transponders are a lot more sophisticated than what is installed on the average private or commercial airplane where combat air superiority is not an issue.

I trust you follow that and see the picture.

This is the type of technology we use for air superiority over enemy air space and we do not wind up shooting down our own planes. They cannot see us easily but we have to see each other to prevent wiping out our own fighter planes.

Could a Mode 3 enabled jet have penetrated our airspace and eluded detection? Not a chance.

Could a Mode 4 enabled plane have been at the disposal of Osama bin Laden, not one, but four of them? Not a chance.

Were United Airlines and American secretly operating Mode 4 or Mode 5 enabled commercial jets? Not a chance.

You can rely that the air traffic control centers at Logan, Boston Center, LaGuardia, Newark and Kennedy were not equipped then, and probably are not equipped even now to see a plane with Mode 4 or Mode 5 capabilities. It is likely that US based fighter planes are not all upgraded to Mode 4 or Mode 5 even to this day. Reagan National in DC also would not have been enabled by 9-11 to detect a Mode 4 transponder, but the Pentagon would have been and the Pentagon did detect the jets in and around D.C.

Are you getting the picture?

Since none of our “enemies” had Mode 4 or Mode 5 capabilities in 2001 there was no reason to upgrade any of the U.S. based air defense forces to be able to detect that, or fly in US airspace using that.

In fact, with a few minor adjustments two 737 airplanes and an A-3 Skywarrior could be made to look like: 1.) participants in the war games that morning; and 2.) friendly aircraft to even our fighters up to the point they would have thought they were other fighter planes, not commercial aircraft, if they could detect them at all. Mode 4 and Mode 5 are to make them detectable only to those planes that have comparable technology. They can also be made invisible to systems that cannot detect Mode 4 or Mode 5.

With the right technology, 9-11 was an easy target.

What I am suggesting here is simply this – at the very highest levels of our government and certain defense contractors they created a circumstance where upgrades were necessary to higher than Mode 3 and new technology installed that even the U.S. based air force fighters could not have detected on commercial aircraft and one very old USAF airframe that was in the hands of but very few. What were defending the United States on 9-11-2001 were jet fighters equipped with Mode 3 technology. Since the PRC had already stolen that technology in April 2001, moves were underway to upgrade to Mode 4 and Mode 5.

Secondly, some of the parts found at the Pentagon have been identified as being from an A-3 Skywarrior and there are only three places that that airplane could have come from: 1.) the USAF graveyard of airplanes in Arizona at Davis – Monthan AFB,; or 2.) the USAF inventory of about 5 or 6 operational A-3 jets that can still fly; or 3.) the fleet of about 12-15 A-3s maintained and operated by Raytheon – Hughes.

The most damning pieces are the wing they carried out under a blue tarp (the angles and width of which do not match any part of a 757 wing), the jet rotor hub shown in a FEMA photograph, also not a component of any part of a 757, and the jet engine that was found inside and one of the wheel hubs of a single wheel landing gear instead of the 2 wheels on the front of a 757 and the 4 wheels on a read landing gear assembly. There is a big difference in the newer high-bypass fan jets and turbojets, with the latter being found at the Pentagon. No 757 or 767 ever manufactured had turbojets on it, but the A-3 Skywarrior did.

Third, we have talked to some that were at the Pentagon on that day and they did not smell burning jet fuel. They did smell the tell-tale signs of exploded military ordinance such as found in the warheads of AGM missiles.

Fourth, many Americans (too many) do not know that Raytheon executives were killed on 9-11, or at least wound up permanently missing, which may be a more accurate way of saying it. It is who wound up missing that is most interesting.

This is an excerpt of the email we received and is information that we knew as of the issuance of the flight manifests for all four of the planes allegedly involved in 9-11:

Subject: Raytheon and 9/11

OK, I’m not gonna say anything here, except to let you read the evidence and then you can tell me what you think. (These are people who supposedly died on 9/11.) Mike

Raytheon and 9/11

2001-09-11 Stanley Hall Raytheon Director of Electronic warfare program management. Raytheon did the retrofit of the A-3 that hit the Pentagon, where Bush claimed Flight 77 hit it. Disappeared on American airlines Flight 77, the one that supposedly hit the Pentagon but did not.

2001-09-11 Peter Gay Raytheon VP of Electronic Systems on special assignment at the El Segundo, CA division office where the Global Hawk UAV remote control system is made. Raytheon did the retrofit of the A-3 that hit the Pentagon, where Bush claimed Flight 77 hit it. Disappeared on American airlines Flight 11, the one that supposedly hit the North World Trade Tower I.

2001-09-11 Kenneth Waldie Raytheon Senior Quality Control for Electronic Systems. Raytheon did the retrofit of the A-3 that hit the Pentagon, where Bush claimed Flight 77 hit it. Disappeared on American airlines Flight 11, the one that supposedly hit the North World Trade Tower I.

2001-09-11 David Kovalcin Raytheon Senior Mechanical Engineer for Electronic Systems. Raytheon did the retrofit of the A-3 that hit the Pentagon, where Bush claimed Flight 77 hit it. Disappeared on American airlines Flight 11, the one that supposedly hit the North World Trade Tower I.

2001-09-11 Herbert Homer Raytheon Corporate Executive working with the Department of Defense. Raytheon did the retrofit of the A-3 that hit the Pentagon, where Bush claimed Flight 77 hit it. Disappeared on United airlines Flight 175, the one that supposedly hit the South World Trade Tower II.

These are not only the type of people but they are the people that would be assigned to UAV type projects involving Mode 4 and Mode 5 upgrades. Why would they be in Boston and those planes coming from that direction and from north of Manhattan Island?

Hughes was purchased by Raytheon before 9-11 and that company has a fleet of A-3 Skywarriors that they use for testing air-to-air missiles [“AIM”] and air-to-ground missile [“AGM”] systems, guidance systems, electronic warfare systems, etc. They make them for the USAF, Navy and Marines as indicated in this excerpt from the Part V article cited above:

Type: AGM-65B (Air Force), AGM-65D (Air Force), AGM-65E (Marines), AGM-65F (Navy), AGM-65G (Air Force).

Contractors: Hughes Aircraft Co., Raytheon Co. Propulsion: Thiokol TX-481 solid-propellant rocket motor (hint – burns white and leaves a white smoke trail at all altitudes and jet engines do not do that) Service: Air Force, Marines, Navy First Flight: 1984 IOC: 1994

January 20, 1997, the same year that Clinton – Gore started the 20 Year war Plan, CIA renditions and the Patriot Act via PDD #39.

New defense giant born - Raytheon acquires Hughes Aircraft - Company Business and Marketing

“New York–The decade of the massive military mega-mergers ended last week with the announcement of Raytheon’s signing of definitive agreements for the acquisition of the Hughes Aircraft unit of General Motors’ Hughes Electronics subsidiary for $9.5 billion–$5.1 billion in newly-issued stock and $4.4 billion in debt.”

I am familiar with some of those names of Raytheon employees due to an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [UAV] system we designed in 2003 and it required two types of Raytheon technology to be able to operate in a war zone such as Iraq. Since the Chinese had conveniently stolen the Mode 3 technology in April 2001, we could not rely on a Mode 3 system in 2003 and 2004 for that reason alone if they gave it to the Iranian military or had PRC military personnel stationed in Iran to monitor US activities in Iraq. Yes, we were that deeply involved and yes, we are one of the companies that was on the Iraq approved contractor list. Most people that read my book were shocked to see the email I received from Baghdad demanding to know who we had in Iraq. We accepted no business once we saw that the Iraq invasion was fabricated and illegal, but we were on the approved contractor list.

Imagine a UAV system being declined because it would “see too much” and was not designed by one of the major Big Defense contractors. It would have been operated by private sector contractors controlled by me, not DoD personnel because they did not have time to train on the systems before deployment. I met with people at CentCom at McDill AFB in Tampa and III Corps G2 Intelligence section at Fort Hood, Texas in November 2003 on this very matter. They needed the system, did not have the people to run it or time to train since they were being deployed from January to March 2004. The Pentagon blocked the project and procured about $200 million in junk hardware from their favorite defense contractors; and the maiming and killing of our soldiers continues unabated to this day.

A full year after we entered Iraq the US military only controlled about 50% of the munitions dumps, where those bombs come from to make IEDs to kill and maim our soldiers. Talk about an oversight.

A full year after we entered Iraq, over 200 roads into Iraq found U.S. or Iraqi troops guarding only 18 of the border crossings. Talk about an oversight.

A full year after we entered Iraq, the US Army was still blind on the ground, no aerial visual assets, and the death toll climbing. Talk about an oversight, but they did procure over $200 million in aerial devices from the Pet Project manufacturers, such as Lockheed – who provided a UAV that is a UAV when the wind does not blow. Since it blows about 95% of the time in Iraq, the UAV is usually tethered to a ground vehicle and trailer.

The UAV was nicknamed Project Medusa by one of the key vendors since it had so many simultaneously operating sensors and cameras while the Predator has only three sensors and only one can operate at a time. It had onboard processing capabilities that none of the current day US spy or surveillance platforms have. Our contacts at DARPA had never heard of the technology that combined special software and onboard processors. It would have provided a much need air cap surveillance capability that would have prevented many US soldiers from being killed or maimed.

We have spent years designing a high altitude communications platform and were asked by the Arkansas National Guard it if could be modified to combine communications and high-powered cameras and sensors, flown at lower altitudes and help to save lives in Iraq. We worked on it until the answer was yes, only to get the run around from the Bush Administration.

Many were surprised when they learned that Raytheon executives and experts perished (or were disappeared) on 9-11 but we were not for one reason. We received a tip that an A-3 Skywarrior had been outfitted to operate as an UAV by Raytheon and it may well have been the plane used to attack the Pentagon. That hole through the Pentagon is a unique signature and not one made by an airplane. That 16 foot tunnel through three rings of the Pentagon is only made by a directional blast weapon. Rumsfeld has even slipped up and mentioned the missile that hit the Pentagon.

Some have seen the Pentagon parking lot camera video and the white trail of smoke. Jets do now leave white trails of smoke at sea level, but Thiokol powered AGMs do, at all attitudes.

The Boeing 757 commercial airliner is not equipped for mounting or launching of an AGM, but the A-3 Skywarrior is and that is exactly one of the reasons the planes are still in use.

A Real 9-11 Commission should have certain Hughes and Raytheon parties summoned for questioning, as well as those that follow:

Condoleezza Rice and the entire Chevron Board of Directors and key management in the United States and Caspian Basin area; and

Dick Cheney, for his role on the Oil Advisory Board of Kazakhstan as well as Vice President of the United States; and

James H. Giffen, for the following reasons. [Blogger note: CLICK HERE]

“Beyond the health and human rights impacts, other scandals surround Karachaganak. On April 2, 2003, a federal grand jury in New York indicted U.S. businessmen James Geffen on charges that he made “more than $78 million in unlawful payments to two senior officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan in connection with six separate oil transitions, in which the American oil companies Mobil Oil [now ExxonMobil], Amoco [now BPAmoco], Texaco [now ChevronTexaco], and Phillips Petroleum acquired valuable oil and gas rights in Kazakhstan.” The indictment charged that Geffen bribed officials in the course of two Karachaganak transactions: “Mobil Oil’s 1995 agreement to finance the processing and sale of gas condensate from the Karachaganak oil and gas field” and “Texaco and other oil companies’ purchase of a share in the Karachaganak oil and gas field in 1998.” These indictments raise questions about what constitutes “due diligence” at the World Bank. The track record of such projects, as the OED asserts, proves that “the Bank should not have as its objective increasing extractive industries investment in countries whose governments lack the capacity to benefit from or manage such investment.” As the World Bank’s experience in Kazakhstan demonstrates, the infusion of such investments, in fact, exacerbates corruption. “Economists have long known that resource wealth can have perverse economic effects,” according to the OED. The department also noted that such wealth increases corruption, makes governments less accountable, and correlates with authoritarianism.44”

Certain parties from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, OPIC [Overseas Private Investment Corporation]; and

At least 8 of the 10 commissioners sitting on the 9-11 Commission (see yesterday’s email update); and

Thomas Kean and all of the Amerada Hess board members, including Nicholas Brady and Edith Holiday. See except below from another article I wrote; and.

Richard Armitage relating to his role and activities with the Pakistani ISI prior to 9-11 and since, and his Armitage & Associates which included the OPIC president Peter Watson; and

Numerous Big Oil executives and board members; and

Numerous Big Defense executives; and

FBI Translator Sibel D. Edmonds with the identity of all foreign and American names she found financing 9-11; and

Bridas Corporation executives and in the field operations people from the Caspian Basin region; and

Certain executives from US energy companies that operate natural gas fired electrical generators in Pakistan and need cheaper natural gas to improve their already bloated bottom lines; and

Certain former ENRON executives and operations people and certain current Prisma Energy International executives, the new name for Cayman Island based ENRON and run by former ENRON and Halliburton execs; and

Certain Federal whistleblowers from multiple agencies; and

Certain Federal Reserve Bank persons including some who detected the same money laundering that Sibel Edmonds found; and

Certain parties affiliated with the WTC and PANY&NJ; and

Certain parties affiliated with asbestos removal and other WTC problems since at least 1988: and

Certain parties of the Pentagon personnel records division, including the records for specific persons; and

Certain parties with certain demolition companies; and

Certain FBI officials, or purported FBI officials, that seized all of the known tapes in and around the Pentagon; and

Certain persons from the Clinton – Gore Administration, Bush Administration, and certain consulting firms; and

Literally thousands of other people since the puzzle literally has thousands of pieces.

You can see another Part I, Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble article at this link.

“Kean was appointed instead and he sits on the board of directors of Amerada Hess Oil, and that company is directly involved in the Caspian Basin and is directly benefiting by the Taliban and Bridas Corporation being removed as the last remaining obstacle to the TAP [Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline].

Also on that board are Nicholas F. Brady and Edith E. Holiday. Nicholas Brady is of course the former Secretary of the United States Treasury and chief architect of the Brady Bonds program, which has exposed itself over the years of being just a huge scam and blunt instrument to take assets and natural resources from smaller nations and put them into the hands of—guess who—the proponents of the Brady Bonds: the U.S. wealthy elite robber barons.

“The President today announced his intention to nominate Edith E. Holiday to be General Counsel for the Department of the Treasury. She would succeed Mark Sullivan III. February 2, 1989″

“Since 1988 Ms. Holiday has been an Assistant Secretary (Public Affairs and Public Liaison) of the Department of the Treasury and Counselor to the Secretary. Prior to this she was chief counsel and national financial and operations director for the Bush-Quayle ‘88 Presidential campaign and served as director of operations for George Bush for President. She was also special counsel for the Fund for America’s Future and Executive Director for the Quadrennial Commission on Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries, 1984 - 1985. Ms. Holiday practiced law with the firm of Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, 1983 - 1984 and with the firm of Reed, Smith, Shaw & McClay, 1977 - 1983. She also served as legislative director for then-U.S. Senator Nicholas F. Brady.”

Edith Holiday was later elevated to Secretary of the Cabinet in the George H. W. Bush administration. She also sits on the boards of White Mountains Insurance, and Heinz (which I found interesting). On the White Mountains board is another Amerada Hess board member, Frank A. Olson, and another from Citigroup, Arthur Zankel. It only took one “Google” to find a gaggle that included WTC Larry Silverstein and Mr. Zankel.

We might even have a Walker—Bush relative buried on that board too: F. Borden Walker, former Mobil Oil, Fairfax County, Va., board and now with Amerada Hess. That nasty matter of bribes in Kazakhstan involving Mr. James H. Giffen did involve Mobil, as well as Texaco, Amoco and Phillips Petroleum.

Yes, Mr. Kean, Nicholas Brady, Ms. Holiday and F. Borden Walker will all benefit by the removal of the Taliban and Bridas Corporation. Part II—Pop Goes the Bush Mythology Bubble in part addresses the pipeline all of these people conspired to take over. They could not make billions from oil investments in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and not have a way to get the landlocked oil and gas out. They had to have that pipeline across Afghanistan and the Taliban / Bridas Corporation were blocking the way. Chevron and Condoleezza Rice had to have been sitting in that boardroom down there, too, trying to figure out ways to get control of that pipeline so the oil and gas could get out.”

Following the trail and the trial of James H. Giffen makes for interesting reading:

Big Oil, the United States, and Corruption in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan: United States vs. James H. Giffen

None of the right parties were being asked the right questions nor were any of the right issues addressed by the bogus 9-11 Commission that Bush appointed.

It would be a systematic, slow and painful process but in the end it would be beyond painful for certain parties. In the end, it would be a long overdue flushing of the toilet that is Washington, DC.

Bear in mind, these are the 9-11 Commission members that keep holding press conferences urging the President and Congress to implement their plan and findings, with all urgency.

Yes, they are urgent because the Truth is on their trail and no, they did not call the people I would call if on a Real 9-11 Commission. I hope they run out of Rolaids and Mylanta in DC, but that is just me.

Karl Schwarz


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