Saturday, December 02, 2006

This blog is not dead!

It's just going through a transition period, a period of intense introspection and adjustment. New information has been made available to its author and, as such, there will be a period of digestion. Expect a shift back to universal themes, universal concerns, universal issues.

Without a healthy ecosystem, including clean air, water, and a food chain with integrity, what befalls the constitutional rights of Americans or the lives of Iraqis or the problems of any one group of people on Earth will be but a distant 'ting' in a symphony of cymbals and drums that may be our downfall as a species. I wish to stop it but I will not put humans before Earth. Earth can exist without us but we cannot exist without her.

To put the Earth first is to give humanity its only chance. From now on, this blog will be a big picture information source, resisting the temptation to get mired down in minutia, in the details that can, in overload mode, give the author and any potential readers what I often call the deer in the headlights phenonenon. If you have truly keen insight, you see that this means this blog will take a decidedly spiritual bent, if decidedly anti-religious.

Please stay tuned. I still have much to share.


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